“Sweetie” is a rare gem

Valentine’s Day is known for many things. For the lovers in the world, it’s a day to celebrate love; for those single and bitter like myself, it’s a time to drink heavily, binge watch Schitt’s Creek for the fourth time and wish you can find your own Patrick.

But Valentine’s Day is not known for its music. Enter Paulina Vo.

In her new song, “Sweetie,” out today, there’s a Valentine’s Day anthem that’s easy to love.

It starts with no warning. Unlike some of Ms. Vo’s previous songs with instrumental beginnings, in “Sweetie,” we hear Ms. Vo’s pretty voice right from the start. 

The song dives into a heartfelt chorus that depicts that in-your-gut love that’s nearly impossible to express. Regardless of how difficult it may be to describe, Ms. Vo still captures the sentiment without sounding cheesy. It’s easy to feel love even if you’re hopelessly single like me. 

What’s most notable is Ms. Vo isn’t afraid to use her very sweet voice to full effect in this song. She showcases all of the best qualities her voice has to offer. From the soft way she says “pretty” to the faster pace vocals she displays in the verse, to the intense harmonization of her pre-chorus, this song is all about her voice. It’s the main feature of “Sweetie” and, it’s just, well, pretty. I love it!

Another important point is just how catchy the song is. Ms. Vo has fun with the song and it shows.  You can hear Ms. Vo smile throughout the song. She has to be literally smiling while singing this, because there is no other way for it to be so upbeat and genuine. And that’s something to note, she has a genuine feel about this song that is catchy. The melody will be trapped in your head after hearing it just one time. Prepare yourself.

It is obviously about real love, written from a place where she has found it, and unlike other songs by Ms. Vo, this is a near perfect love song. She is no longer writing about breakups and breakdowns. She is no longer “throwing her heart out” or headed for a “break down” as she has described in her previous work.

If you need a tune to help capture a special moment this Valentine’s Day, look no further than “Sweetie” by Ms. Paulina Vo. You can get it on Apple and Amazon music, streaming today. You’ll be thanking me later.

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