This Free Britney Movement is Irresponsible and Dangerous

Dealing with a mental health crisis is hard enough that I couldn’t imagine what it’s like under the watchful eye of the press. I feel for @britneyspears and to be honest, I am sickened by this #FreeBritney movement. It’s completely irresponsible and frankly it’s just messed up.

I have a similar diagnosis to what Britney Spears has. I have been where she’s been and I can tell you, it’s terrifying when you know the right answers on how to think but your brain won’t let you do it, or think it, or access it.

Having this mental health illness means you need to do things like take medicine and see a doctor and continue to tend to it. And in doing so, you start to feel better and your brain tells you, the very things you need to feel better you don’t need. So then you make bad decisions.

Those bad decisions can cost your life, your family, your financial well being; choices that have consequences that outlast the crisis itself oftentimes.

People like Britney and me need help to maintain our illness and to protect ourselves, because when we need to be in a mental health facility, we so often are unwilling or unable to go ourselves; protections have to be put in place, which is exactly why her dad is the person the courts deemed could and should have an on-going conservatorship over her wealth, and major decisions that have life impacting implications. Our brains cannot always be trusted to make the best decisions, we physically are flat out unable to.

This is why we have things like conservatorships in place. And why there are safeguards in place to protect us from those conservatorships.

This #FreeBritney movement forgets that 1) Britney Spears can appeal it and file for it to end; 2) she has a court appointed public advocate who oversees everything her father does and sees every penny he spends of his daughters; 3) Britney Spears has quite a bit of freedom when it comes to the day to day things and her father affords her with all sorts of freedoms and enables her to do what she loves and what she’s best at: being a mom!

And 4) she can ask for changes to it, which she is doing now. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Finally, when you are good natured, and trusting of those around you; when you often see the good in people and aren’t always focused on yourself, which this mental illness does to you; when you are willing to sacrifice yourself for someone else, people take advantage of you. Having her dad oversee her enormous business, is 100% responsible because spouses, exes, business folks from all over flock to people like Britney and me to extract us for whatever they can. And we let them.

Now, I love my mental illness most of the time. It’s how I am able to be creative, be innovative, find passion and compassion; it’s how I’m able to do so much with my life and how I’m able to inspire those around me. I imagine Britney enjoys the same. But I can assure you, it’s terrifying when your own mind, your own logic and decision making skills are not present and so much is on the line and one bad decision could make or break you. This stupid movement is flat out wrong.

It is my understanding that the legendary singer and performer opted into getting mental health help when she needed to not that long ago. That’s huge. But even if she didn’t, the court appointed person responsible for keeping her alive and helping her when she needs it could have made her; as they should.

I imagine her illness management is a joint effort and together they work it out, and given her privilege, she was and is able to take the time she needs.

Telling the world that the doctors and lawyers and her family, all people who know her best are holding her against her will isn’t true.

I’ve been held against my will once.

After 72 hours you can file to be released and when you do that, your examined by numerous doctors who give their opinion without ever meeting each other, then you’re taken to court, and have a lawyer provided or you can hire one. Here, a judge hears from many people, from family, to the doctors, to friends, anyone to decide if you need to be court ordered to receive mental health treatment, to which, if they do decide you need to, they will force you to, or your forced into a mental health hospital and there you can be made to take medication and receive treatment.

Judging by how Britney Spears is able to be in public, I would argue she’s not in a State or County psychiatric facility or under ordered treatment; and I would argue, considering she’s around sharp objects like a shoe, sunglasses, makeup she’s not there a danger to herself or others.

As the case maybe, it’s only when you are a danger to yourself and others that you are able to be held against your will. The lengedary Ms. Britney Spears is exactly where she needs to be and that is under the care of her family and doctors, at home, going through the court process to have someone else manage her wealth and condition, and she is working to redefine what normal looks like to her, and her brain works to retrain itself in how to process things and how to think.

Any suggestions that she should be freed is telling Britney and all of those like her, myself included, that when you could potentially be a hazard to yourself and those around you, to disregard the safeguards in place. What would happen if she killed herself? Hurt herself? Hurt others? What would happen if she killed people, maybe her kids? Her ex? Her family? By pushing this movement all those who are a part of the #FreeBritney movement are putting all who fight a mental illness at risk of refusing the help we need and that can have consequences that are impactful devastating.

Those who are pushing this movement should be ashamed. You don’t live with an illness and you aren’t in the situation.

This is a private family matter and as Britney needs help, she is getting it. Honestly, it’s no ones damn business, except those directly involved – so as @ChrisCrocker said: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!

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