Save Us

I’m a thirty-something year old man from Arizona, and I’m writing today as a desperate plea for help.

They’ve gone mad in my state. Save us.

While the most of the rest of the world seems be taking Covid-19 at least partially seriously, we aren’t in Arizona and I’m not sure what the problem is. Save us.

We have become the worst place in the world for new infections and frankly I’m not surprised. Save us.

Our hospitals are full. Or at least at 96% occupancy. When I had to visit the hospital to determine if the lump I had on my arm that has grown to the size of a baseball was cause for concern, I was in and out without anything but an X-ray and a “you’ll be fine, most likely” pat on my back from the doctor. He didn’t practice social distancing. The lump persists and I’m hoping it’s not cancer but trying to get any sort of healthcare in this state in the midst of this crisis is foolish. Save us.

Our morgue is also filling up. In fact, most are out of room. Why? Because we are dying beyond believe. So much so that they are bringing in trucks to keep the bodies cold. Trucks – believe it or not! It’s over 110 degrees outside and they think trucks are going to keep bodies frozen in this desert death trap. Save us.

Our Governor has told us to rest assured. Apparently he and the President are so close, that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey had to change the ring tone in his phone to “Hail the Chief” because he and President Trump are talking all the time. Save us.

The Governor closed down bars and gyms but kept restaurants, hair salons, etc., open because apparently you only get Covid-19 when you’re working out or drinking. Save us.

Masks are not required in every city and town in my state, not yet. Instead, they’ve left that up to the individual towns and cities to decide. Not all of them are requiring masks. Many folks aren’t wearing them at all. Save us.

And schools are expected to open. Save us.

Arizona is not a bad place to live. I rather like my home state. We have the Grand Canyon, part of Route 66, are close to Mexico and in the morning the smell of the desert sand is enchanting.

But soon, I fear, all I’m going to smell is rotting dead bodies – that is, if I can breath at all, considering I’ll probably have Covid-19 or worse, my lump won’t get treated. Save us.


Save us.

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