The Investigation into Cathi Herrod’s Kid Bothers Me

It bothers me. It bothers me a lot.

Cathi Herrod, the President of the Arizona right-wing lobbying group, the Center for Arizona Policy has been anything but friendly to the LGBT community. And that bothers me.

She created both of Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban, propositions 107 and 102 in 2006 and 2008 respectively. We beat 107 – making Arizona the first state in the nation to vote down a marriage amendment in 2006. But Herrod can be the pushy type, and in 2008 she double-downed on her efforts, and fundraising strategy – and she spent 7.6 million to ban same-sex marriage in Arizona for a little under six years. And that bothers me.

Herrod helped pen the “license to discriminate” bill, known as Senate Bill 1062, and that bill really bothered me. Sure, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed it, in a historic maverick-like move. But Herrod had no business pushing it forward to begin with.

Herrod even backed (wrote) State Senator John Kavanaugh’s “bathroom bill” – which would have basically outlawed transgender people from going to the bathroom. I believe that if trans* people cannot use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, then, our misguided legislatures and overzealous lobbyists really are mandating that there are no bathroom’s for trans* people to use at all. That should bother everyone.

It’s bothersome that Herrod’s attack on liberal politics hasn’t solely been focused on anti-LGBT propaganda and homophobic wedge-issues.

She has also made quite a mark on abortion access in Arizona. Apparently her tactics were so bothersome, the Arizona Republic called her out on it and when one pro-life measure Herrod proposed wasn’t enacted, the Arizona Capital Times cited it as a: “rare defeat for CAP President Cathi Herrod who has a nearly perfect track record in getting the Legislature to enact anti-abortion measures.”

Apparently it bothered them too.

And while I have a definitely mixed opinion on abortion rights – going as far as saying a I’m pro-life-pro-choice Democrat, I still feel that we cannot practically consider limiting a woman’s right to choose until we have created a system so pro-life that having an abortion just doesn’t make sense. Yes, I’m thinking that we make condoms available to anyone who wants one, for free, in every church and every school. And yes, I think we should pay women a generous stipend to live off of, or to spend on a cute cabana boy – whatever they want really – when they’re pregnant. And damnit, yes, I think adoption should be easier for all parties. I imagine a system where adoptive parents and pregnant moms spend nothing out of pocket and instead are celebrated with cash, shelter and food (and help) because anyone willing to give up a baby to a adoptive family are heroes and anyone who is willing to raise someone else’s baby is, in my book, a hero too. And yes, I believe pregnant moms and dads should have months of paid time off to bring life into the world, whether they are keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption.

Sorry if that bothers you.

I feel any women faced with an unwanted pregnancy be so incentivize today give birth, and have so many options and so much support after she gives birth, that having an abortion doesn’t make sense. I want fewer abortions, so few in fact we drive that number down to zero. But I know realistically outlawing them will only mean fewer safe abortions. So, I believe that if a woman does elect to have an abortion, in spite of so many lucrative and supportive options, then she shouldn’t be forced to have a child – I don’t know her circumstances – and so she should be allowed to have a safe procedure, and she should have the right to make that decision without me, Herrod or anyone telling her what to do. I’m sorry if you’re bothered by that.

I do believe human life begins at conception.

I’m not sorry if that bothers anyone.

I don’t like this because on issues like gay marriage, and abortion, and bathrooms, Herrod and the Center for Arizona Policy’s approach has always been to invade privacy.

So even if Herrod and I can agree on when life begins, I am still bothered Herrod’s tactics. I think they’re barbaric at times, overreaching at other ones, and frankly she’s not elected, so she needs to step back and mind her p’s and was. I’ve heard time and again that Herrod has always had too much access to our state’s lawmakers and it shows. That should bother all of us.

Some things are none of her business.

Consider how private a marriage is. And how private going to the bathroom is. And how private a doctor’s visit is. Having anyone, especially anyone as unwanted as Herrod in those places would bother most.

But Herrod has successfully allowed the State government to create policy related to all of these private places too many damn times.

So, I get it.

I get why Democrat’s and liberals would stoop as low as they have when it comes to Herrod.

I get why the Phoenix New Times and the 12 News both ran articles about Herrod’s daughter being LGBT.

I understand the inclination of the left’s eagerness to point out hypocrisy in its most disgusting form. And I too want to ask Herrod questions about how she is so anti-LGBT and can still claim to love her daughter so very much.

But honestly, it isn’t any of our business. And it bothers me that not enough liberals are saying so.

We cannot both demand the right to privacy in our doctor’s offices, in our marriage ceremonies and in our bathrooms if we aren’t willing to extend the very right to privacy to Herrod’s family.

Herrod may not be my most favorite person in Arizona politics, in fact Channel 12 News once even showed a tweet I had sent about my dislike of her.

Picture of a television screen with an image of a tweet on it.

It’s from an earlier blog post titled: “Cathi Herrod is Public Enemy Number One.” I flexed my visceral criticism in that piece – and I apply that’s sane criticism here. It’s not only become my calling card, but my call to action. And it’s about time Arizona’s Democrat’s not forget it. Everyone can be bothered by that.

Like many, I despise Herrod’s public policy and tactics, – but, and I’m sorry if this bothers you – she is still a human, and deserves some compassion and frankly, some privacy.

I especially feel this is true when it comes to her kids. Just how Meghan McCain, and hell, the whole McCain family and half of the Republican Party, and even old liberals like me, were bothered when President George W. Bush attacked Senator John McCain’s kids, calling one of them born our wedlock, during the 2000 GOP Presidential primary. It bothered me too, when folks spoke ill or even spoke at all of President Barack Obama’s kids. And it bothers me now whenever anyone mentions Trump’s youngest Barren.

Good or bad – whether we agree or not, we all deserve some damn privacy.

It bothers me that it seems like no one but me sees it so plainly.

It bothers me a lot. blog post promotional  for linked blog post

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