The Return of the Blog Queen Himself: Ray Ceo Jr.

Cue Britney Spears’ “Break the Ice” (Blackout, album, circ. 2007) now, because I’m back, baby! 

I know it’s taken me awhile but I’m glad you came… because it’s been years, literally years since I posted.

So, let me start by saying:
Justin Bieber, Sorry, music

Sorry I’ve been away y’all. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing and while that’s never a good reason, as nothing should stop a writer from writing, it did. I promise I’ll make up for it by bringing you all the lovely antidotes about the world today (is Trump really President?) and I have lots to tell you about from my life, so expect plenty of semi-real stories from my most recent attempt at trying to live happily ever after, only to get my heart ripped out of me, put through a shredder and fed to maggots.

And of course, I will be doubling down on the Britney Spears. 

(Side note: did you know, one person once said: “Ray should go back to writing about Britney Spears. He doesn’t do it well but it’s what he does best.” This is by far my most favorite critique I’ve ever received).

While I was off falling in love and getting married, and living the happily ever after fairy tale; it became all too apparent that fairy tales aren’t real, guys are just mean, white picket fences rot with enough tears to keep them just moist enough and given enough time, they all come tumbling down. And so, I am back to tell you all about it.

I promise to tell you about my adventures these past couple of years, because they were plenty offensive, weird… just weird, and altogether amusing. Needless to say, I have now accepted my fate as the bitter queen I was always meant to be and I really must thank Mama Ru for agreeing to share her throne with me.

ru paul, mama ru, doll, barbie, queen

The good news is, that while I was away, I was off learning life-lessons, honing in my writing skills, graduating from college, being rejected by colleges, divorcing a stranger, raising a child (okay, a puppy), becoming a single parent (dog parents are still parents!), getting lost, getting found, growing up pretty substantially. And most importantly, learning how to do my own damn laundry and how to put a fitted sheet on my bed. 

And while I will forever be a kid at heart and will readily admit I do not know how to adult in the slightest, I do know that I can write. And I’ve spent two long years being mad, hurt, broken and altogether lost, and then like the Red Sea that Moses parted, my path was very clear to me.

Like all other instances in my life, when brokenhearted, and mad, when unstable and leaning into my insanity, when filled with rage and obsessed with being a better person just to show I am the bigger person, when determined to come out on top and stoop to being petty, when ready to take back my life and not accept defeat, when just fed up and when inspired: I blog. 

It’s so obvious to me now that the one and only thing that has ever truly helped me in this life, and all the previous life’s I’ve lived, is my beloved blog. Because like you, I read… and you read…Ray. 

If I recall, it was my friend and fellow blogger Ms. Sanders (okay, your name isn’t Sanders anymore because you went and got yourself hitched, still though, you’ll always be Sanders in my heart), who once said, “I’m not a player, I just blog a lot.” 

And damn, I have tried being a player for like a year now (more on that later) and all I’ve come to learn is that I am mighty thirsty, but a player? No so much. So, I blog. 

And so, as I try to rise out of the ashes that the dumpster fire that was my marriage left behind, I turn to you now my loyal readers, and those discovering iREADray for the first time, in my journey to mend my broken heart, to lick these battle scar wounds, to level up, to give myself person, to move on and above all else to be the writer I have always been destined to be. 

So thanks for tuning in and stay tuned for more coming attractions…or distractions. 
iREADray is back!


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