Bipolar Diary: Getting My Meds This Time

Getting my mental health meds this time around has been difficult. And it shouldn't be. I want to share with you the hoops I've been jumping through - and probably would have cracked if it weren't for my mom and my boyfriend.

First, due to my very busy work schedule, I did have to reschedule my doctors appointment several times to get in to see my doctor so I could get them. My behavioral health provider only prescribes a three-month supply at a time. But I did get in to see him in time.

Then, the doctor didn't properly send my electronic prescription to the pharmacy. I pestered the office for two days, speaking to numerous case managers, until CVS confirmed that my prescription had been received. Thankfully I had just enough meds to get me to that point.

Then, CVS tells me that they are only able to fill one of my prescriptions. They are waiting on a shipment, due late last night. I said that was fine, as I had just one more day of the meds they didn't have.

Now, today, they're saying the shipment never came, and they are only able to give me a 4 say supply of the ones I am now completely out of. They said they'll have more Monday.

Thankfully, I haven't been without my mental health medication. But I need the peace of mind knowing I have enough - no matter what.

Here's the thing: I am bipolar. I very seriously need my medications. They are my lifeline and I cannot go without. I am a danger to myself when I am not on them. I am blessed to have a strong support network of people who pester me to get in to see my doctor and who go to the pharmacy to get my meds when I can't. But I'm lucky. There are countless mentally ill people who do not have such support, or means, or ability to keep going to the pharmacy, or keep calling the doctors office to get them. While I do feel people need to take control of their life, and take control of their own mental health, not everyone can. Me missing more than one dose of my medication can kill me, cause me to have seizures, a stroke, cause me to be suicidal, cause me to be manic or depressed, and so on. My family and I shouldn't have to work so hard to get my meds when we are doing everything right.


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