This election, Arizona voters will get to decide on who they want to represent them in the court room. With Tom Horne, the current Attorney General of Arizona, out, the race comes down to Mark Brnovich and Felicia Rotellini.

Watching Tom Horne hold on to his Attorney General seat during primary election night was pretty heartbreaking. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not and haven’t even been a Horne supporter. I don’t generally support candidates who are associated with being part of a hit-and-run. And I don’t generally support adulterers. Never-the-less, it’s always sad watching anyone’s job disappear beneath them.
Tom Horne knows that controversy, especially during the election year, doesn’t pay off.    

Mark Brnovich won the Republican nomination over Horne, and brings an interesting perspective to the Attorney General position. Like many voters, I knew very little about Brnovich at first, but on the surface, he seemed harmless, and more importantly, he appears — at least on the surface — to be less scandal-prone than Horne.

But the more research I’ve done on Brnovich, the more I have become concerned. Brnovich is the former head of the Arizona Gaming Commission who resigned from that post to run for Attorney General this election cycle. But his former commission post isn’t what concerns me. 
What concerns me is that prior to that, Brnovich used to work for Corrections Corporation of America. And now he wants to take on the Mexico drug cartels. 

First, I don’t agree with private prisons, which is exactly what the Corrections Corporation of America is. Their website claims that they “design, build, manage and operate prisons, jails, detention centers and residential reentry centers on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Marshals Service, many states and counties across the country.”
I don’t agree with private prisons because no company, and no one by ownership of that company, should be making money off of prisons. Further, if elected to the attorney general position, Brnovich wants to arrest more people, and quite likely, make his friends with the Corrections Corporation of America a ton of money. What’s even more concerning, is he wants to do this with Mexican citizens, all on the tax payers dime. This isn’t a solution, is a scam, and one that I most certainly do not want to take part in.
Thankfully, the Democrats have nominated someone who will actually restore dignity to the office of Attorney General. That person is Felecia Rotellini.

Rotellini ran unsuccessfully against Horne in 2010 for the position. She is a prosecutor, who has experience prosecuting complex real estate and financial fraud. Some of her work includes winning a case that resulted in a settlement that returned $217 million to investors who had been scammed in a complex Ponzi scheme. 
Most importantly, Rotellini created the Mortgage Fraud Task force, under former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. This task force helped protects thousands of Arizonans every day. 
When it comes down to Brnovich and Rotellini, you have a choice between a man who has questionable connections, or a woman who prosecutes those who break the law. For the position of Attorney General, this is an easy choice, thus we endorse Felicia Rotellini.


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