This election @iREADray is focusing on endorsing candidates who will work well with others. Because party gridlock is so extreme, and so little gets done with extreme candidates in office, we have focused on those willing to work across party lines to best represent Arizona. This is the endorsement for Governor.
Arizona is at a cross-road. 

The state, that was hard hit by the recession, is just now seeing the economic growth it needs to be competitive in the future. 

Laws like SB1070 (the anti-immigration law that Governor Jan Brewer signed) and SB1062 (the “religious freedoms” – also known as the “license to discriminate law” which was vetoed by Brewer) didn’t help matters. It drove away tourists, businesses, and made Arizona look like a bigoted, anti-business state. You know you’re state is in trouble when the NFL threatens to pull the Superbowl – as they did after SB1062 passed the State Senate. 

And it didn’t help that Governor Jan Brewer attacked President Obama just as he got off Air Force One. Images of Brewer waving her finger at the President made national news, and continued to make Arizona the laughing stock across the nation.  
For the first time in more than a decade, Arizona voter’s have the option of restoring dignity to the Governor’s office. This is the first time in twelve years that the race for Governor doesn’t include a sitting incumbent. 

On the Republican side, there is Doug Ducey. Ducey won the crowded GOP nomination with less than a third of Republicans voting for him, by going after the most conservative, right-wing Republicans he could. He took extreme positions on issues like immigration, taxes, and education. He wants vouchers for schools, he wants to lower taxes (likely by slashing education funding), and he wants to make our borders safer than Fort Knox. Ducey has courted some pretty extreme Republicans too. People like Sarah Palin, who was supposed to headline a fundraiser of his. His extreme positions made him ineligible for our endorsement in the GOP primary (we endorsed Scott Smith) because it demonstrated that he is unable to work with others. We still feel the same way about Ducey.

Ducey is attempting to pivot to the right of center, in hopes picking up the all important independent voters in Arizona. But his positions taken early on in his campaign will haunt him.

Meanwhile, Fred DuVal, won his primary outright. He didn’t have any competition in his primary, and has been walking the moderate line since day one. In fact, he’s been a moderate a lot longer than he has been running for Governor. And that’s a refreshing reality. 
The differences between DuVal and Ducey are clear and apparent. Ducey is a die-hard Republican, while DuVal is a “get the job done” sort of guy. DuVal doesn’t care about party alliance, even to the dismay of many Democrats, but he does care about getting things done. He has worked well with Republicans, and has a growing list of GOP supporters, and has been doing so for years. 

Arizona is at a cross roads. With more independent voters in the state, we need a Governor who is going to put aside party differences to get things done. Fred DuVal is that man. He will take Arizona down the right road, and will take the best ideas from Republicans and Democrats to best serve the state.  


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