This election, the people of Congressional District 9 get to decide if they want to re-elect Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, or vote in Wendy Rogers. The swing district cuts through parts of Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, and Chandler, and is a classic swing district, with more registered Independents than Democrats or Republicans. This is the endorsement for that district.

REP: Wendy Rogers
DEM: Kyrsten Sinema<<<<<

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is not the liberal Democrat that her opponent Wendy Rogers wants us to think she is. And she also isn’t the liberal Democrat that her supports hoped she would be.

Congresswoman Sinema has sided with Republican’s and Democrats on a handful of issues, and has proven her goal is to keep one campaign promise: to work with anyone who will work with her.
During the past two years, the freshman Congresswoman has joined the conservative blue dog Democrat caucus, voted against party lines to fix things like the Affordable Care Act, has led the charge to fix the broken VA system, and worked hard to reopen the government after Speaker John Boehner let tea-party activists shut it down.
While Sinema has been working hard for the people of her district, Wendy Rogers has been campaigning, hard, over the past year and a half. Her campaign ads have targeted  the Affordable Care Act (she wants to repeal it), immigration (she wants to secure the borders from “those who will bring us harm”) and taxes (she doesn’t want any). Taking a look at the issues, it’s pretty clear that Wendy Rogers is just a standard Republican.

At the end of the day, voters have a choice. They can support a standard Republican, like Rogers, who will most certainly led a charge to shut down the government, again, or they can vote for the moderate Democrat that Congresswoman Sinema is.
What earns Sinema our endorsement isn’t the fact that she’s a moderate, or that Rogers is a standard bearer of Republican ideology, but rather, Sinema earns this endorsement because she is getting things done for her district. 

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