This election @iREADray is focusing on sending to Washington a congressional delegation from Arizona who will work to get things done. Because party gridlock is so extreme, and the most recent Congress have passed the fewest bills in history, we have focused on those willing to work across party lines to best represent their respective district. This is the endorsement for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District.


Congressional District 5
DEM: James Woods<<<<<
REP: Matt Salmon

Congressman Matt Salmon has a gay son. A gay son Salmon doesn’t believe should have the same rights to marry the person he loves as his straight kids. 
I used to have a some liking for Congressman Matt Salmon. While I didn’t endorse him in 2012, I have liked that he has been more willing to work with others. He represents Arizona’s 5th Congressional District, which makes up most of Mesa, parts of Phoenix, and he isn’t the most conservative, or “tea party crazy” member of Congress. He has proven willingness to work with whomever will work with him, reaching across party lines, and even

I am not sure how much more time Congressman Salmon needs to take before he “evolves” enough to believe that his son should be treated as a full citizen of the United States. 

This election the @iREADray Election Guide is focusing on candiates who want to end the partisan politics. And Salmon is a good candiate when it comes to putting aside differences. The problem is, him refusing to put aside his party alliance when it comes to his own son, speaks to his character. And it isn’t saying anything nice. 

On the Democrat side, the voters of Mesa have a unique choice. James Woods is a truly interesting man. When he became infected with MRSA at age 27, he spent hours alone in the hospital, racking up hospital fees, and even losing his eyesight in the process. He vowed that if he survived the antibiotic-resistant staph infection, he would do more to give back to his community. By running for Congress, Woods is doing just that.
I have a strong liking for anyone who comes out of a MRSA infection with a renewed sense of charity. After my MRSA infection, where I too spent hours every day, alone in a hospital, I wanted to lash out (and I did) at everyone and everything. 
Obviously James Woods is a better man than I. 
What sets Mr. Woods apart from Salmon is his eagerness to address the issues head on. Woods easily became one of my favorite candidates when his campaign put out a campaign condom. On one side of the condom it has his campaign logo, on the other side it says “prevent abortions”  – finally, someone who gets it. Study, after study has shown that the easiest and most effective way to reduce the number of abortions is to provide young adults with contraceptives. By engaging in reduced-risk sex, like by using a condom, the reality of an unplanned pregnancy is greatly reduced. Woods is intelligent enough to know this, and is doing what he can to educate voters and really effectively change the narrative that Salmon – a lifelong politician – has mastered.
While Mr. Woods has little chance of winning the Republican-safe district, he certainly is a breath of fresh air, and for that it is with pleasure that we endorse James Woods for Congress. 

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