District Four Is Lucky That Charlene Fernandez Stands For Something

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. That’s my philosophy when attempting to decide who I want to vote for. I need my candidates to stand for something, and thankfully Charlene Fernandez makes clear what she stands for.

Despite losing her bid for the Arizona State legislative district 4 seat in 2012, Ms. Fernandez is back at it, attempting to beat Jose L. Suarez in the Democrat primary this election. She has the experience needed to serve the people of district 4. And more importantly, she stands for something.

Taking a gander at who has endorsed Fernandez tells us this. Not only has she spoken out in favor of gay rights, taking on her Republican opponent in a debate, but she also has a background in education. Fernandez served on the Yuma High School Board for two terms and has the backing of Planned Parenthood. 
It’s not everyday you can feel comfortable supporting a candidate you don’t even know. Fernandez is that rare exception.  

One of the key things that drives us to endorse her is that she worked as an appointee of former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. If one of Arizona’s best Governor’s believes in Charlene Fernandez, well, then, it’s pretty easy for me to. Governor Napolitano knew how to work well with others to get things done, and if Fernandez is even half has great as Janet was, then the fourth legislative district in Arizona will be in good hands.

While I would be open to getting to know her opponent, Mr. Suarez, his website is bare bones, and only speaks very vaguely about overcoming his “many struggles” and “many objections.” He’s missed his opportunity that tell us his story, what struggles he’s faced, and how he overcame. He’s missed his opportunity to really motivate me, and the people of district four to vote for him. Suarez says on his website that he wants us to share his vision, but I don’t know what his vision is. It’s never clarified, and it’s too late in the campaign for him to start to try now.
At the end of the day, you need to know the candidate your voting for. And you need to know what they stand for. I don’t know Charlene Fernandez, but she puts herself out there, and stands for something. Thankfully for district four, she stands for what’s right.  

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