John Giles is running for Mayor of Mesa, and we are lucky to have him.

This life-long Mesa resident, has a long history of serving the people of Mesa. He represented Mesa when he was first elected to the Mesa City Council in 1996. In 1998, he served as Vice Mayor, until 2000.
Giles is running in the special election that was triggered when former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith resigned to run for Governor.
Scott Smith left big shoes to fill. And Giles is the man to fill those shoes.
Not only does Giles have the experience necessary to win, he has the connections, the political know-how, and the charisma to get things done. 
When Smith was elected in 2008 he started making improvements to the recession torn city. From improving economic development, to making Mesa the third safest city in the nation. When Smith left, he left behind a plan that has demonstrated that it can and will improve the City of Mesa. The new company that just bought a huge empty shopping center in the Fiesta District demonstrates that they are interested in the direction Mesa is going. Apple also demonstrated that when they decided to open a new facility in Mesa.
Giles plan is to tweak some of the plans to improve Mesa, but to stay on the same trajectory. He wants to take what Smith started
His only opponent in the race is Danny Ray.
Ray is an interesting guy, although he reminds me a tea party Republican, unlike Giles who reminds me more of moderates Congresswoman Sinema or Senator McCain. Ray’s plan is to cut the government red tape and believes that by doing that, businesses will want to come to Mesa. It’s not a real plan, not one that will really bring business to Mesa. It’s a philosophy, for sure, but not a plan. Giles’ plan to make Mesa more friendly to businesses and actively persue those businesses is what Smith has done. 
Ray is also lacking the experience that we feel is necessary in order to continue bringing Mesa out of the recession. 

All in all, it’s pretty clear that Mesa is lucky to have Giles. He was named as “Mesa Man of the Year” in 2013 for a reason. It’s time we elect the man of the year, Mayor of Mesa. 

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