Humanitarian Crisis Shows the Best, Worst of America

Fox news said yesterday that federal agents were “exposed to lice” due to the influx of children illegally crossing the border. Never mind that lice are everywhere, including here in the United States and I was exposed to lice when I was in elementary school in Gilbert, Arizona. I’m not sure how many immigrants we in my elementary school, but apparently, it must have been a ton because that’s where lice come from, or at least that’s what Fox news would want you to believe. 
Fox news, alongside most media outlets, politicians and fellow bloggers want us to believe that there are only problems associated with this humanitarian crisis. Small town, U.S.A. doesn’t want the children, say’s CNN, Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador is blaming President Obama for this problem, saying that it was planned, and Congressional Democrats are saying that the GOP wants to send these kids back to “face death.”
At the end of the day, this humanitarian crisis has only illustrated the very worst of America.
Or has it? 
While Fox News, CNN, and basically every media outlet out there is painting America as racist, there is good happening because of this humanitarian crisis. 

For instance, some members of the Catholic church are now stating that granting amnesty to these children “pro-life.” While this fact might be a draw to Republicans who are passing bills to deport them without even knowing where they’re from, Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh said: “Being pro-life requires we protect and care for vulnerable persons from conception to natural death.” He also went on to say that “followers of Jesus are called to protect these children and help them because they are very vulnerable and defenseless against any abuse or misfortune.” (Read the full article here.) It appears for the first time, in a long time, members of the Catholic church are attempting to preach what Jesus meant for them to preach. 
In addition to the Catholic church attempting to preach the true sentiment of God, non-profits in California are offering free legal aide to these children, who, under current law are entitled to their day in court. It’s no secret that our government is horribly backed up in providing these kids a day in court, and it’s also no secretly they are hugely underfunded. Providing them with free legal aide will not only help speed up the process for these children, but it’ll also help keep the costs down for the federal government. 

While this humanitarian crisis has truly shown the worst in Americans, from the protests with mean signs, to the “deport them all” bill that just passed the Republican-controlled House, it’s clear that not all American’s are as awful as the mainstream media would want you to think. 

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