Facebook’s Experiment Made Me Divorce Them

A few weeks ago, I did something I never thought I would do, I deleted my Facebook account. 

My boyfriend has been attempting to convince me to do it for awhile now, mostly because he saw the drama it brings to my life. Plus, he deleted his Facebook years ago, and has only positive things to say about it.

What set me over the edge in deleting my Facebook, however, wasn’t my boyfriend. Despite how convincing he can be, Facebook did something incredibly stupid: they admited to experimenting on their users.

According to Slate magazine, “Facebook loaded some users’ news feeds with more negative posts from their friends and family to see if it would make them less happy…” and apparently it worked.
Now, prior to deleting my Facebook account, I was noticed I was fairly depressed. And as someone who used to be on Facebook every waking hour, I am somewhat convinced that Facebook had everything to do with it.
Back in the day, when I was a college freshman at Arizona State University, I would do various things to protect myself on Facebook. For instance, I would only add friends I really knew. I also would also send messages to all of my friends to keep myself in the know of how their life is treating them. That changed when I left ASU though. I accepted friend’s requests from anyone who sent them, beliving that it was important for my personal and professional life. 

Facebook was how my first boyfriend and I got to know each other. It’s been how I keep up on friends who live on the east coast. It’s also how I’ve been able to share with my family and friends good and bad news. I shared pictures of my dog, of my boyfriend, and Facebook has been an incredible tool for promoting my blog.

But Facebook went and messed it up. 
The last thing someone like me, who has a mood disorder and who is very susceptible to outside influences (I tend to let anything from rain to my dog pooping on the floor affect my moods) — the last thing I need is Facebook to be running experiments on me. 

Since ditching Facebook, I’ve noticed that I have more time to myself. I am able to think clearly, and I’m not afraid of pissing people. I don’t have some 1200 so-called “friends” out there, watching my every move by me checking-in on Facebook, and I don’t feel the need to catalog my every thought.  I also more creative energy and have noticed that my overall writing has improved tenfold. 
While I do miss aspects of Facebook, not having it has cut me off from the world of online drama and has let me find peace. It’s pretty incredible. 
Granted, there are things I do miss about not having a Facebook. For instance, I honestly have little idea when my friend’s birthday’s are. I also don’t have as many people I can easily talk to. Nor do I have any idea when anyone’s party is, or where, or if there is even a party going on. Yes, there are people I miss on Facebook, but I have found that I can and have, just as easily sent them a text to see how they’re doing. 
Divorcing Facebook has been a huge step in a positive direction for me. If Facebook wants to experiment on it’s users, then I will experiment on Facebook, by simply not having one. 

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