Ken Clark Should Represent Arizona’s Most Liberal District…Again

Central Phoenix — specifically district 24 — is filled with great Democrats. 
From Katie Hobbs, district 24’s star State Senator, to Lela Alston, one of the kindest State Representatives I’ve ever met, to being the home district of Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, I often envy the downtown Phoenix area’s political crew.

That being said, this upcoming primary election is going to be very interesting. 
Chad Campbell, one of district 24’s State Representatives, is termed out. He had toyed around with the idea of running for Governor, but decided not to due to family reasons. With him out, there is  now an open seat in Arizona’s most liberal state district. Originally, there was talk of nearly a half dozen people running for the open seat. But presently only three people are running for the two open seats.

Alston should be re-elected. She’s done well in the State House, and represents her district well. Plus, she’s really sweet, and kindness isn’t award enough these days.

That leaves Rich Bauer and Ken Clark.

Bauer has done a great job helping people in the district. He’s done great work with the Fire Fighter Charities, and it’s clear that he does care about the district. But even he notes on his website that there is a “leadership vacuum” in the State House. And while he has done great work with the fire department, his great work seems to end there. 

I hesitate to endorse a man who wants a role in leadership but has never served in the state house. We cannot expect for a leader to be born out of a freshman State Representative who is still learning the ropes.

Not when our other choice is Ken Clark.

Besides having a name that I largely associate with Superman, Clark has the experience to do the job. Not only has he been in the State House before, but he’s been in a leadership role before. With partisan gridlock worse than ever, and with families depending on the state legislature to do various things like improve our schools and provide a fair tax system that will create growth, Clark knows how to get the job done.
While I am always open to fresh ideas, Bauer doesn’t seem to have the ideas that the Central Phoenix district is looking for in their State Representative. That’s why Ken Clark should represent Arizona’s most liberal district, again.  

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