Scott Smith Would Make the GOP Proud As Governor

If you live in Arizona, and you’re a Republican, there’s a good chance you don’t know who to vote for in the primary for Governor. You have also probably seen some of the televised campaign ads because there’s a ton of them. 
In one of them, candidate Christine Jones talks about immigration and how she is going to do what no Governor, or President, or anyone has ever done before. She’s going to secure the border. She’d like you to forget that what is in the control of the Governor’s office is incredibly limited (as EJ Montini pointed out in his column “Mother Brewer refuses to discipline unruly GOP Kids“) and she’d also like you to forget that Doug Ducey has refuted her ability to take on immigration, while making empty promises himself. 

Meanwhile, Doug Ducey would like you to forget that Jones and the company she keeps have said that Doug Ducey has failed to appear in court, has more than a dozen traffic violations, and hasn’t paid his property taxes. All claims he has said are untrue.

While those two kids attack each other back and fourth, wasting thousands of dollars and annoying countless people, Republican’s in Arizona have a real decision to make on who they want to send on to take on Democrat nominee-to-be Fred DuVal.

Some Republicans might be drawn to Ken Bennett. And truthfully, Bennett does have some decent GOP credentials. But Bennett failed the voters of Arizona in 2012 by making so many mistakes during the election. The Secretary of State is responsible for making certain that every vote is counted and that everyone who is eligible and registered to vote gets a ballot. He failed to do that. Thousands of people who who are on the permanent early voting list (voters like me) did not receive their ballot. I never received mine and had to go to Downtown Phoenix and wait three hours to vote. Because of Bennett’s inability to do his job as Secretary of State, Democrats will rightfully destroy him in the general election – should he make it that far. I don’t think he should.

At the end of the day, the man the GOP should support for Governor is Scott Smith. 

That’s good for Smith.

As Mayor of Mesa, Smith has done a great deal of work on the Mesa economy. Specifically economic development. On his watch, he got two propositions passed in Mesa that are spurring economic growth in the city hit hard by the recession. He kept the Cubs in Arizona for spring training and left the City of Mesa in better shape than he found it. Additionally, Smith has demonstrated a core-Republican ideology without insanity. For instance, he came out against the “license to discriminate” bill (SB1062) earlier this year and urged Governor Brewer to veto the legislation. He said that as a Christian, these sorts of bills give people like him a bad name. His faith wasn’t questioned, because he made clear that it’s because of his faith that he came to the decision that no person should be treated less than. He’s right.

Above all else, Smith has demonstrated that as Governor he would take the job seriously, and isn’t looking for the sound bite. He is a smart man, with a good heart, and real conservative values. 

He said, during the GOP debate that the promises Ducey and Jones have made are empty, while comparing them to the clowns they are. “I was at a carnival. It reminds me of walking down the aisle and you hear all the barkers. They’re promising this and you look over and there’s big teddy bears up hanging from the things. And they tell you, ‘You know these ping-pong balls will actually stay on these plates and these rings will go on these bottles.’ And basically they’re empty promises meant to entice you” (from “Sparks Fly at PBS Debate for GOP Governor Candiates“).

He isn’t looking for the ten second soundbite, but rather he wants to hear real solutions. He isn’t making empty promises either, but rather is working on real solutions for Arizona. 

If the Republican’s want to really challenge Fred DuVal in November, they need to nominate Scott Smith. Because of this, it is with great pleasure that this blog endorses Scott Smith in the Republican primary for Governor of Arizona.

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