Kuby Should Fill Tempe’s Open Council Seat

Over in Tempe, the City Council’s race is certainly something to watch. With seven candidates vying for only three seats, it’s really anyone’s game. The break down is pretty simple. Presently, there is one open seat, thanks to Vice Mayor Onnie Shekerjian not running for another term. The other two seats presently belong to Robin Arredondo-Savage and Shana Ellis, both who are running for re-election.

The City of Tempe is facing some tough questions. Highrises want to go up in the landlocked city that lacks the room to grow except for going up. Meanwhile, residents want more out of their city, demanding more recreation programs, and expanded library hours. 
When it comes down to it, it’s pretty clear that Lauren Kuby should be the one to fill the open seat. .
Kuby has never been elected to office, and has a fresh take on the political system. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s been a community organizer for the Democrat party for years. She knows the game, but hasn’t put her fresh ideas in motion, yet. She’s done more for most candidates in this state than the Maricopa County Democratic Party has done, ever.
What most impresses me about Kuby is her ability to raise money (she’s raised more than any of the candidates, even more than David Schapira, a favorite among the ASU Young Democrats). She has the know how to get things done, and has demonstrated her ability to lead. 
Further, she presently works at ASU, working tirelessly at the Global Institute of Sustainability, where she’s trying to make ASU, Tempe, and this nation more sustainable. Kuby has also said that she wishes to expand library hours. 
One thing that surprised me most about Kuby is her willingness to demand a better government for Tempe, and all of it’s residents. When responding to the East Valley Tribute, Kuby stated: Because public safety absorbs a majority of our budget, we need to manage police resources in a responsible, sustainable, and transparent manner.” She wants to make sure that the city safe, but she also wants to make sure it’s cost effective and fair. 

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