Why Elizabeth Warren Is Really Good For Hillary

Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for President. At least that what she’s said. And she’s said it over and over. 
But like Chris Christie in 2008 (who said over and over that he wasn’t running for President against President Obamam despite everyone expecting him to) apparently no one is listening. I say this because #ReadyforWarren as a hashtag, an organization and group of enthusiastic volunteers is actually taking off. Banners that say “Run Liz Run” have been created, and people are begging, or more so, demanding that she run for President. 
And some say she might do it. 
There is evidence that supports this. I mean she did come out with a book in April of this year. And she is on a national book tour promoting it. Additionally, she is also fundraising for Democrats in states where few other Democrats will go (like to West Virginia, where Warren was a keynote speaker at a fundraiser for West Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Natalie Tennant and according to NBC helped raise $100,000 bucks for Ms. Tennant’s Senatorial bid)

But I honestly don’t think she is going to run. 
I say this for a few reasons. 
First, she has little influence over people on the national level, despite the warm welcoming from some liberals nationwide. According to an article over at Boston.com: “The 16 percent of people who are positively influenced by a Warren endorsement was the lowest percentage of all the Democrats in the poll. Endorsements from both Clintons, President Obama, and Vice President Biden had bigger impacts than Warren’s.” Granted, anything in politics can change in a drop of a second. But to have less impact than any Democrat, well, that’s a problem, because that’s how people perceive you, and perception is everything.
Second, she’s taking too liberal of a stand on a variety of issues. For instance, the Huffington Post reports that “her  [National Council of La Raza’s Annual Convention] speech was reminiscent of a political agenda as it touched on topics including regulation of big banks on Wall Street by closing tax loopholes on the rich, the need for immigration reform, an increase in the federal minimum wage, “equal pay for equal work,” student debt and marriage equality.” People who are running for President tend to moderate themselves before they run. Chris Christie didn’t take on his state’s legalization of marriage equality, like he could have; meanwhile Hillary Clinton just got in trouble with the LGBT community for stating that marriage equality is a state’s issue (she backtracked some by stating that she is glad activists are doing all they can to demand it in their individual states). 
People rarely go as liberal as Warren is if they are planning a bid at a higher office. Instead of running for President, I think Elizabeth Warren is doing something pretty darn smart:
She making Hillary Clinton look moderate. And we all know that despite Hillary’s attempt at re-branding herself, Clinton is no moderate. She’s a liberal Democrat who has done quite a bit of great service to this country, but she is no moderate. 
But when compared to Elizabeth Warren, conservatives might just be able to put a clothes pin on their nose and vote for Hillary. 

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