Why I’m Ditching the Democrat Party

Like many Americans, I am tired of politics as usual. I’m tired of the political gridlock in Washington, the do-nothing Republicans and the spineless Democrats. 
But being frustrated with do-nothing Republican’s and spineless Democrats isn’t anything I’m not used to. Washington Democrats have always been spineless, and I’m pretty sure the Republican’s have been the party of no ever since I first wrote about it in 2011, if not before.

Those that know me know that I was the campaign manager for a local campaign here in Arizona. It wasn’t my first rodeo, but it was my first one in a long time. While I attempted to reach out to fellow Democrats, specifically key members of the Maricopa County Democrat Party, I discovered that they were disorganized, rude, unreliable, and simply incompetent. But that wasn’t enough to steer me away from being a Democrat, though it should have been.

If you remember correctly, I did take on the Maricopa County Democrat Party in April of 2013. I took them on because they were offering support to a former City Council member who had spoken out against gay marriage, and homosexuality in general. The Maricopa County Democrat Party should have known better to back a homophobic man. And so I did everything I could to make clear that any sort of support of such people will not be tolerated. We are supposed to be Democrats, the progressives at the table, and supporting anyone who’s values do not reflect the values of the party is a waste of resources, and a shame to us all. 

But let me be honest, I am not smart enough to plan a systematic take down of the Maricopa County Democrat Party. And I don’t have the resources to. I am ashamed to admit this, but the mastermind behind the Warren Stewart scandal was never me. Instead it came from someone who had plans to take down the party, that was up until they started to work for them.
I’m not going to name their name here, but I will say that after the Warren Stewart post, the one I wrote in 2013, I felt used. And the reality is, I was. It was never my idea to write that post, and instead that came from the mastermind who is really great at using people.

I pushed aside my feelings aside back then, and even stayed out of the lime-lite to regain some political face. And when I started running a campaign, MCDP was seemingly there to help. They gave me packets of doors to knock on, and even provided me with petitions of candiates from other campaigns. 

It wasn’t until we had collected dozens of signatures for candidates like Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, State Representatives Juna Mendez and Andrew Sherwood, and State Senator Ed Ableser that it occurred to me that I shouldn’t lose focus and should only collect signatures for my candiate it. But by then it was too late. 

I was convinced by the liars at the Maricopa County Democrat Party that each of the candidates listed above didn’t have enough signatures and wouldn’t unless I helped. And truthfully, my liberal heart wanted to see as many candidates on the ticket as possible. Meanwhile, the campaign I was managing suffered.

The long story short is this: the Maricopa County Democrat Party used me. And it cost my candidate thousands of dollars, my time, and even my birthday.
Since then, I have threatened to go to a reporter with the information I have on the Maricopa County Democrat Party, because text transcripts, and the fact that because of my job I have to record most of my phone calls, does provide amble information that reporters love, especially during an election year. And ever since I made such a threat, I have been further harassed, threatened and even friends of friends have contacted me asking me questions that I’m unwilling to answer. 

I won’t say here whether I’ve gone to a reporter here, but I will say that as a former journalism student, I know a ton of them, at national and local news outlets all over the nation.
In April of 2013, I was told to take down my blog altogether, made fun of at a county get-together by executive board members of MCDP, and promised things that never transpired. The same thing occured this election cycle. And frankly, I’m tired of being treated so poorly by Democrats.

If I wanted to be treated this way, I would have been a Republican. So, I’m re-registering as an Independent. This is what the Maricopa County Democrat Party has done to one of it’s most active, unrelenting volunteers. Don’t let them burn you too.

Have a story about the Maricopa County Democrat Party treating you poorly? I’d love to hear about it, so contact me at rayceojr@gmail.com. 

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