If Kansas Doesn’t Condone Discrimination, Then Stop Discriminating

It’s not every day that something in the news frightens me. Okay, maybe it is. But let’s be real, the world is a pretty terrifying place and there are things going on all around that are, well, terrifing. 

One of the most terrifying things I saw recently was in regards to the Kansas law that would basically make it legal in that state to discriminate against gays. Really. Seriously. 

I didn’t learn about this via the Onion. Instead, it’s all over the news, and rightfully so, it’s worth making a national and international deal out of. 

If passed the law would say that folks who have “deeply held religious beliefs” may openly discriminate against gays. That means if it’s a business, they don’t have to serve gay couples, if it’s a police officer (who has “deeply held religious beliefs”) they don’t have to assist in saving a gay person’s life, resturants surely wouldn’t have to serve homosexuals, and I’m unsure if schools can turn away gay kids, but I don’t see what would be stopping them. 

The law is an abomination that needs to be stopped.

Now, don’t get me wrong, folks in Kansas – and really all over the nation – are already a little up in arms about the law. And there’s rumors that the law won’t pass the State Senate, because the Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle, a republican, said she doesn’t support the law. 

Why, you ask?

Because, she said, her and her fellow GOP caucus members “don’t condone  discrimination”

That’s the right thing to say, right? I mean, I was shocked when I heard that, because I am pretty sure that’s what I wanted to her to say about this law.

The problem is, she said it after she defended marriage inequality. Yes, that’s right, she said that she doesn’t support gay marriage, but she also doesn’t condone discrimination.

Last time I checked, you can’t say you aren’t a bigot while holding up a sign that says “God Hates Fags” and frankly, Madame President Wagle is doing just that. Because stating that you don’t support marriage equality is, well, discrimination.

I’m tired of the nonsense. If Kansas doesn’t condone discrimination, then Kansas need’s to stop discriminating against me, and let me get married.

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