In Memory of Pack

Norman Cedric “Pack” Furubotten, age 54, passed away unexpectedly on January, 7, 2014. Pack was born in Phoenix, Az. on March 19, 1959. He is survived by his life partner, Patrick Roland, their dog Miley and George and Meredith Roland (Patrick’s parents) of Glendale, Az. The couple was together from the moment they met in November 2010 and are only parted in death. They exchanged rings and lived as partners, lovers and best friends at their rented home in Phoenix. Together they shared a love for music, travel, art, crafts, movies, all things P-Bone and especially the Green Bay Packers, for whom Pack was nicknamed after. Pack is also survived by his son Chase and his daughter Allonah of Racine, Wis., as well as his mother Pamela, two sisters and brother. Another brother, Roger, and his father Selmer preceded him in death. A man of great complexity, these two worlds unfortunately never gelled, but all of it together is the true full story of Pack, the greatest man who ever lived, the love of my life, my spiritual twin, my daddy, my partner. A celebration of Pack’s LIFE is forthcoming.
Patrick P-Bone Roland, Feb. 4, 2014

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