The iREADray Awards for 2013

Here’s a taste of the very best from the year. 

Best Status: David Lujan for “Fight for More Rain” 

It was mid-campaign and early monsoon season when David Lujan made the best campaign promise, ever. 

Best Video: “I Wish I Had”

Best Meme: “What Does The Fox Say”

What does the fox say maybe the silliest and best song of the year. But really, what does the fox say?

Iran Sanchez-Bohm joined in as this blog reached 100,000 lifetime readers by writing a personal and compelling story about what his journey to finding himself has been. 
Smartest Plug: Mesa Public Library (@mesalibrary) for “Sharing is Caring”

True their word in spreading knowledge, the Mesa Library thanked us for a shout out about sharing space. Then included a link. That link goes to their meetings and study room webpage. 


Warren Stewart thankfully lost his bid in trying to bring his unfavorable ideas to Phoenix City Council’s eighth district. But that didn’t stop us from causing some headaches for the Maricopa County Democratic Party for including him in a celebration of the community. Cooler heads prevailed, but that controversy made this post one of the best read. 

Best Sassy Tweet: “Helen Keller: Phoney”

We schooled someone for being dumb in this awesome piece. Thanks @Helen_Keller for keeping it funny. 

The album, “I Am No Musician” had some good songs on it. From “Hate Me” to “Hypnotized” to “Closer” — but one song that wasn’t very good at all was “Stop” — which had a mini-viral event by gaining far too many listeners. There’s no explanation as to it’s mini-success as it received no promotion. That is, until now.  

Most Read Post of 2013: With Nothing to Prove, Paulina Vo Releases EP

This year has been a big one for iREADray, but also a big one for Paulina Vo. The review of her EP marched up to the top of our list, and stayed there the entire year.  From the review: “Paulina Vo is a musician who has nothing to prove to anyone. 
“Today, Ms. Vo has released her third collection of music. This time is her EP with six new and professionally recorded songs titled “Falling for the Chase.””
“In it, she finds a mellow side of herself, touting her guitar and ukulele, and more importantly demonstrating exactly how talented her voice is. This is her first collection of music she has released since leaving her Arizona roots, and traveling to the east coast, to Brooklyn, New York, where she now calls home. And it shows.”

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