Ray: Aaron Ram, you sexy beast, welcome back to the iREADray hot seat, where nothing is off limits.
Aaron: Except what happens in my bedroom, that’s where shit gets real. It’s great to be back, I’ve always enjoyed our talks.
Ray:Ha. So you have been you here, when you came out with “Dating: It’s Not Complicated” and again, with “How To Get What You Want Out of Life” – but now you have a new project going on. I hear it’s a new book, but not just any book, a cookbook.And thank God for that, because I like to eat, and now that I scored me a sexy boyfriend, I can get all fat and ugly and still laid…. So why don’t you tell me this Cookbook?
Aaron:Yes, it’s called Cookbook for the Broke and Sexy. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and I absolutely love food bad. One of the things on my 30 before 30 list is to write a cookbook. The point of it is to give people a cheap alternative to some good food and to add some creativity to a lot of kitchens. Out of all of the books I’ve written so far, this one has been the most fun and least stressful.
Ray: A low stress and fun book, you say, maybe I should come out with a cookbook. So , did I tell you I liked the title? Because I do.
Aaron:The title is cool and it comes from an honest place. I really had ok idea how expensive living in California was going to be. Luckily I’m very resourceful in the kitchen.
Ray:What inspired you to write this?
Aaron:My grandmothers are amazing cooks and I’m amazingly creative. So a lot of recipes are those passed on to me, but I add or take something away from them to make them my own. There’s a lot of innovation in this book.
Ray: I love that, my father is the cook in the family, and I love my childhood cooking lessons. So, I hear you have created a KickStarter to help with this project. Tell us more about KickStarter, and what you hope to gain from it.
Aaron:Yes, the KickStarter campaign is coming soon. This book, I want everyone to get involved in some way. Instead of going through publishers and people who generally won’t care about the product, I’m reaching out to the people to make small and generous donations so I can get the proper funding to get this book out myself. It’s how every major project is funded and has been funded for decade, so if it works for them, it’ll work for me. I have an awesome fan base and support group and you know that I know how to market myself.
Ray:I sure do. Because here you are. Ha. What sort of style of food can we expect to see in this cookbook?
Aaron:All kinds actually. My background varies to say the least. There’s a lot of Mediterranean dishes, some meals of African origin and a lot of American dishes. There’s even vegetarian options. I have something for everyone in this one.
Ray: Do you consider yourself a chef? A writer? A lover? Or player?
Aaron: I’m Aaron before I’m anything else. Do I consider myself a chef? Not at all, I’m a great cool but I couldn’t come up with a set menu for a restaurant or anything like that. I know a few chefs and I get ideas from them, but nah I’m not a chef. As a writer, oh hell yeah. Even if I don’t post it, I’m always writing about something. A lover? To the right chick once she presents herself. A player? All men, gay or straight, young and old, are players. It just depends on what part of the game they’re in.
Ray:Awesome. And yeah, we’re all players, but I don’t wanna be a player no more. But for the players, or those wanting to spice up their love life, what’s the best recipe in this book that will help our readers get laid?
Aaron:That’s gonna cost you the price of the book to get that answer. (laughing) Seriously though, I’m not sure. Some people have different tastes and different things in different foods make us feel certain ways. They say oysters are an aphrodisiac but there are people who don’t like seafood. I do know this though, cucumbers, or the scent of them rather, are appealing to men while pumpkin is appealing to women. Keep that in mind.
Ray:My boyfriend will thank you for that later. If you could only eat one thing you include in your book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Aaron:It’d be jambalaya. I’ve been making that since I was a teen and I must say that my jambalaya is fucking amazing.
Ray:Sounds good to me. Well thank you Aaron Ram, for joining us, and best of luck in your new venture. I expect you to guest post on iREADray soon, and thanks again in joining as we celebrate reaching 100,000 lifetime readers.
Aaron:Always great to be here and glad to be part of the 100,000. 

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