Last week, the “legendary Miss” Britney Spears allowed us to listen to her new album, “Britney Jean,” on iTunes before it was released. For people like me, who have written extensively about Britney or for those who have defender her demanding that we “leave Britney alone,” news that we could listen to her unreleased album meant that said album would be on nearly consistent loop for, well, a week.

I have been really excited about Britney Jean for some time now. For one thing, Spears’ last album “Femme Fatale” was quite impressive. I enjoyed everyone song on it, and really felt that only thing missing was balled. But then Britney delivered, by releasing her current single, a ballad called “Perfume” – which was also quite impressive. It appears Spears has received voice lessons, and co-wrote this song, where she displays some of her insecurities. It’s heartfelt, and I like it.

Considering all this, and that fact that Britney has said the album is for “my diehard fans,” Britney Jean has been on my radar since she announced it was going to be released this December.

I generally like to go into any new Britney album like I do a new relationship. At first, I am cautious and untrustworthy, then I catch something that I like, and dive in. And let’s just say, I have most certainly dived into Britney Jean.

It’s important to note that Britney has called this album her most “personal,” and Billboard has called it “transitional” because both are true.

The first song, “Alien” on the album is a fun, dance tune, with some personal lyrics from Britney. The first line, “There was a time, I was one of a kind, lost in a world…” indicates a newer, more self-aware Britney. And that’s a pretty accurate portrait of the newest comeback from the comeback queen.

That being said, she is still the bubble-gum-pop-Princess I have known and loved for over a decade, and that shows. Especially in “Chillin’ With You” where Britney sings with her kid-sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

There isn’t any song on Britney Jean not worth giving a listen to; some may make you laugh, like how Britney says “you” in her southern accent in the song with her sister; some that will make you sing along, like what “Perfume” does now that I’ve learned the words; some may make you cry, like what “Passenger” – a heartfelt song co-written by Katy Perry – did when Britney sings about having to take it one day a time; and some will make you dance, like the song “Work Bitch” – which is, according to Britney “for the gays” and we couldn’t be more thankful.
Britney promised that they album would be more personal and she most certainly delivers. What I didn’t expect was for it to be as good musically as it is. Yes, Billboard is right, “Britney Jean”is a transitional album – but thankfully, Britney’s direction seems truly sound.

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