They are an important part to not only family planning, but protecting folks from a neat variety of illnesses that can potentially kill you.
In the past, I have called on educators and parents to give their kids condoms already, because having them not only reduces the abortion rate, but gives the chance to show responsibility for not just themselves, but their partners too. And that view hasn’t changed.
What has changed however, are condoms.
Or that’s Bill Gate’s goal at least. Last week, Gates announced the winners of a contest put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation where participants were tasked to create a new condom.
And folks came up with some interesting ideas.
For instance, the scientists at Manchester University had the idea for new condoms was using graphene, which is apparently is the thinnest material known in to mankind. When mixed with a bit of latex can make a stretchy, thin condom that folks simply will not know it’s here. Other folks who won grants from the foundation, include the Apex Medical Technologies and their plan to make condoms out of a cow’s tendons, the folks at the California Family Health Council who want to create a condom that clings to your penis like the plastic you use to keep food from spoiling, as well as my favorite, made by the Rapidom folks, who want to have little taps on them so men can just pull them up their dick, and won’t get confused on which side it goes on in the heat of the moment.
The idea that they are changing the way condoms are made is awesome, because in the roughly 400 years condoms have existed, their overall dynamics haven’t changed all that much.
Unlike women’s contraceptive, which has gone from women putting pebbles into their vagina to a pill, to an even lower dose of that pill, condoms haven’t been incorporated into men’s health. Never has any doctor handed me a condom, or even mentioned it in passing. The simple fact is, that when it comes to men’s health, contraception isn’t a concern.
But that will change if Bill Gates has his way. That’s because the goal of the contest was to invent a new condom that men would enjoy because: “The undeniable, and unsurprising, truth is that most men prefer sex without a condom,” said the foundation when announcing the contest. 

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