The Phoenix Contemporary Dance Company Brings It In STEAM

Phoenix may have put together a food truck collective and started what can only be called as a “food truck culture” in central Phoenix. And the Phoenix Art walk may have revamped the central area with an urban arts culture, but there has always been something missing to the direction this city is going.
That’s been a dance company worth mentioning.
That is until now.
Spearheaded by Artistic Director Sean Dahlberg, the Phoenix Contemporary Dance Company has the potential to change the game on the Phoenix dance front. From their first show, ever, being sold out, to Dalhberg’s award-winning “1000 Pounds” piece, (which, having seen it is certainly noteworthy), this dance company may very well be the dance company to make Phoenix proud on the national and global scale.
I caught up with Tuesday Mahrle, Development Director for the dance company while the dancers were rehearsing. “Our dancers have been working really hard to put on a really inspiring show,” she said pointing to the crew that was on stage.
She was right. I’ve been a fan of the Phoenix Contemporary Dance company for awhile, but I don’t think I’ve seen the dancers in better shape. And rightly so, considering they have a show coming up on Sunday, November 24th at the Herberger theater.
“Sean is a genius, and STEAM really demonstrates that,” Mahrle said.
From what I saw in rehearsal, STEAM isn’t a show to be missed. With three new pieces, ballet lovers can enjoy the new works put together by Dalhberg. In addition to the new pieces, the Phoenix Contemporary Dance Company will be doing “1000 Pounds” – which really is reason to go in itself.
All in all, STEAM definitely illustrates that the Phoenix Contemporary Dance Company will be the dance company worth mentioning, and rightly so.  
Sunday, November 24, 6pm
Herberger Theatre 

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