A Liberal Case for the Upton Bill

Like many liberals, I like the Affordable Care Act. Now that we’re finally getting passed the website debacle, I believe the Affordable Care Act will go on to be something that will help many Americans. I also believe President Obama’s legacy – and I’m talking his long term legacy – will reap the benefits of it’s future success.

I have faith in the healthcare, but apparently I’m the only one who does.
As most of you know since the Affordable Care Act passed Congress a few years ago, the Republican party has done all they can to stop it. They have not only voted to repeal it in it’s entirety at least couple dozen times, but took it to the Supreme Court and even shut down the the government to stop it.
They obviously haven’t succeeded. And instead have made themselves look like unreasonable domestic terrorists. Their poll numbers have plummeted, which is concerning considering they were pretty much nonexistent to start with. The Republican party has dug themselves into a hole. And they know it.
That’s what makes me think that the Upton Bill isn’t the “poisonous pill to Obamacare” that pundits and even the President thinks it is. Because frankly the bill doesn’t really do anything to affect the Affordable Care Act in the long term. The way I understand it, if passed it would simply do what it’s real title (“Keep Your Health Plan”) suggests. Under the proposed law, individuals who have healthcare plans already and want to keep them, can. Yes, it includes plans that do not meet Affordable Care Act’s minimum requirements, and yes, because of an amendment to the contrary failed to pass the House, new plans can be offered that don’t meet those standards, but that’s only temporary.
Above all else, there’s a liberal reason why that fact shouldn’t matter. If the Affordable Care Act offers better insurance, and people will want it more, then why the hell will individuals want to sign up for new insurance plans that don’t meet those minimum standards, well so be it. Luckily allowing them to have substandard insurance plans is only temporary.
Additionally, it gives insurance companies more time to get their act together and make certain they are offering plans that meet the federal government requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act. It gives time for individuals to decide which plans they want. And it gives the government time to get the healthcare website up and running perfectly.
Liberals need to get over the fact that it may help insurance companies. They’re a necessary evil. We need to accept it and move on.
What this bill does is makes sure that a promise that President Obama made to the American people is kept and I applaud the liberals in Congress who voted to protect our Commander in Chief’s legacy.

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