In District Eight, It’s Only Kate

I have said it before, but it’s worth restating, 

Phoenix’s eighth council district is a diverse one. It goes as far east as 48thstreet, as far north as Osborn road, as far west as 19thavenue, and includes the southern suburban area known as Ahwatukee. It has been held for the past eleven years by Vice Mayor Michael Johnson.
Johnson’s retiring this year and Lawrence Robinson, the man who we think is more than equipped to do the job, didn’t make it past the August primary.
Johnson’s community involvement has gained him respect with voters over the past decade. His policies have been fair, just, and noteworthy. Johnson has brought his diverse district together by working with people from all walks of life and frankly he is leaving some awfully big shoes to fill.
This blog endorsed Lawrence Robinson all the way back in February. We like Robinson because we believe he will bring the district together. And though Robinson is out of the running, the work to make his district a better place will continue and for that we cannot respect him more. But with Robinson a no-go, who are the voters in district eight supposed to turn to?
Left standing we have Kate Widland Gallego and Warren Stewart.

Gallego is not Robinson. And she’s no Johnson. But she does have fairly strong portfolio of getting things accomplished down at City Hall.
And Stewart is certainly no Robinson. Nor is he Johnson. He is more of a Fred Phelps, and that’s terrifying. Stewart is a pastor who provides what I am sure are uplifting sermons to his churchgoers every Sunday at the Baptist church he serves. But already his campaign has come under fire for dividing district eight. His anti-gay, anti-equality, anti-choice political stand has made many folks wonder if he is really a Democrat at all. In fact, disappointed by Stewart as a candidate, I have written extensively on him and his anti-gay stand. I have even called on the Maricopa Democrat Party to denounce him completely. And though they couldn’t do that, one party official, who spoke to us only under anonymity, went on to say, that “Stewart, like anyone else within the community can run for office, but his positions, positions he explained at the LD24 forum, are unacceptable.”
When your own party is rejecting you, it hurts. I know. I’ve been there. More than once.
So although both Gallego and Stewart claim to be Democrats, there is only one person who has the portfolio to back that up. And that’s Gallego.
She has the know-how, convictions, and values that shine through her work. She is the longest serving chair of the Environmental Committee and is a member of the Central City Village Planning Committee. She’s a Democrat through-and-through. Yes, Gallego is no Johnson or Robinson, but she’s the only Democrat left standing and its in her we must place our trust.
What earns Kate Widland Gallego this endorsement, above all else, is the fact that she has made the promise to bring resources back to her district. And that’s one campaign promise I will make sure she keeps.

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