The Time I Was Disgusted By Our Rape Culture

In the past, I have written about how we must talk about rape. I have used humor, fear, politics, and really whatever tools I could to discuss rape. I strongly feel that we must be willing to talk about it in order to enable people who have been raped to come forward, and to properly prosecute those who have committed this heinous crime.
Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me this image:
This image is from an advertisement by a skateboard manufacture called Enjoi. They feature it on their website, and think its okay.
But this image is not okay. Because while I have even said, jokingly that “No means yes, and yes means anal,” I never meant it in this fashion, and looking back, I should have never said that.
In this image, a man is literally shushing a girl doll, and smiling it. It makes me sick. Nowhere in this ad do you even know what Enjoi is. There are no skateboards in this advertisement. There are no skateboarders in this advertisement. There isn’t even mention of the word “skateboard” in the text of this advertisement.
Instead, there is a man, shushing a girl, and saying, “No means yes.”
That’s messed up.
What’s worse is that this rape advertisement is not the only thing coming out of Enjoi. There is also a tee-shirt with a beaten up women, who not only has a black-eye but also has her arm in a sling, with text that says, “He really does love his skateboard more than me.”
What in God’s name is this company thinking?
It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It doesn’t promote fitness, health, skateboarding, or anything that a person would associate with skateboarding.
Instead its promoting a culture where rape and domestic violence are not only acceptable but are celebrated.
It’s time that this sort of shit ends. That’s why I signed a petition to tell Enjoi to ax this ad campaign. It’s sickening, and needs to stop. 
Together we can end this sort of culture where women are second-class citizens, who need to be shushed and beaten into submission.

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