What if Warren Wins?

There is a great deal of talk about the Warren Stewart campaign for City Council. From the beginning, I have consistently been opposed to him. He claims he is a Democrat, but when it comes to Democratic values, he fails the test, miserably. 
Not only is he opposed to marriage equality, but he also opposes a womans right to choose, and has insulted the LGBT community in ways beyond repair.
The Maricopa County Democratic Party continues to state that they are not endorsing anyone in the race for City Council in Phoenix’s district eight, as of now (at least until the August primary) and they continue to state that they believe in equality for LGBT folks.
On May 4th there is a fund-raiser in which Warren Stewart will be attending. Until I demanded he be taken off of the flyer, he was listed as a candidate you could “mingle” with. I have asked the Maricopa County Democratic Party chair to bar him from attending. She won’t. I have asked if any of the fund-raising gained at this event will go to him. She said it won’t. 
That, for now, is the truth. Members of the party, who are LGBT, issued a statement claiming that the Maricopa County Democratic Party supports LGBT rights. 
The simple fact of that matter is though, until the Maricopa County Democratic Party denounces Warren Stewart as a Democratic candidate, they are failing every single one of us and supporting us in the slightest. 
I started a change.org petition to demand that the county party denounce his candidacy. We not only deserve better elected officials across the state, we deserve better candidates, period.
The issue that I have with the fund-raiser on May 4this that no money should be given to a party, or any organization, that refuses to truly stand up for their values. Values I strongly agree with and feel are being strongly overlooked.
Additionally, no one has asked the simple question: what if Warren Stewart wins?
At that point, which could happen, will the Maricopa County Democratic Party not provide money and resources to a so-called Democrat? I doubt it. I am certain that if Stewart wins, party resources will be spent on ensuring he is elected to the Phoenix City Council. All because he claims he is a Democrat.
As an LGBT member, I refuse to have that.
I encourage you to sign the petition to demand better out of our party, and I ask that you sit out this fund-raiser and every Maricopa County Democratic Party fund-raiser until this party grows a backbone and denounces a candidate who is not a Democrat, but a Republican, worse, an anti-gay man, in a poor disguise.  

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