Ray’s Face: A Photo Blog

As the iREADray Empire continues to grow, we want to introduce y’all to a new blog that we created today, titled “Ray’s Face.” 
This blog, unlike the iREADray blog, will only have close-up photos of faces.
I decided to create this because I keep taking these sorts of pictures. I think they are pretty neat, and I am not afraid to a) wear make-up to look more feminie b) not shave and wear trucker hats to look more masculine, and c) am not afraid to look “ugly.” 
Mostly it’s just a fun place for me to post picture. However, I welcome others to take up close pictures of themselves (faces only!) and I would love to publish them, email them to me at rayceojr@gmail.com
There are many more things forthcoming under the iREADray Empire umbrella, like a new album, titled “I Am No Musician,” likely a music video to help promote that CD, more music reviews, more endorsements of politicians, and more personal essays; but for now, please enjoy the newest addition to our empire, our new photo blog.

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