David Lujan Has the Experience to Best Represent Phoenix

One of the easiest decisions we are making this political season is who should represent Phoenix on the City Council in the fourth district. 
The newly draw fourth district covers the neighborhoods north of the I10, between the 51 and the 17. It then drops south on the western side of the 17, to include the southern side of the 10. It goes as far west as 59th Avenue, and more or less follows Thomas Road. It’s a liberal voting bloc and needs someone with the guts to do the job and do it well. 
We easily put our support behind David Lujan. Lujan is the only person with the experience and solid background in this race. And there are quite a few people running in this race. Last count was eight or nine, but it will probably continue to grow. 
Some of the other campaigns going on in the fourth district include Laura Pastor, Austin Head, and Justin Johnson. 
Pastor is running again for a seat on the City Council. She ran before and lost to Michael Nowakowski, in what was then district seven. She would have you know that her father is Ed Pastor, a beloved Congressman in the Central Phoenix community. His daughter Laura is lackluster at best, and listening to her speak (as you can see here) illustrates her lack of experience. Pastor’s filing to run after the first financial reporting deadline made clear that her plan is to fundraise, a ton. Laura’s influence in this race will only be as much as her father helps her. He has been in Congress for years and certainly has some enormous fundraising lists. She could potentially raise a war chest, because she is daddy’s little girl. 
In contrast is one of the more under-funded candidates in this race: Austin Head. His political committee is titled “We (heart) Head” and it’s clear he is new to the game of politics. In fact, it’s a reality he is attempting to embrace, with his tagline: “A New Generation.” It’s a neat concept, but it’s too soon for someone as young as him, and as politically disconnected as him, to be elected out of this district. Head is a DJ, and activist – and his work support LGBT rights is something I like about him – but overall, Head brings nothing new to the table.  
Justin Johnson is another case like Laura Pastor. Johnson’s father used to be mayor of the City of Phoenix. And like Laura, he intends on making this race expensive, which in the end makes it hard.
David Lujan is up for the challenge, though. Having served in the Arizona State House for seven years, and last year he took over now-Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema’s seat in the State Senate, Lujan has the experience we look for in a City Council person. 
His background has been progressive; while in the Arizona State House, he was the Democratic Minority Whip. This is what makes him stand apart from his opponents; because unlike his opponents who lack any real political experience, Lujan has proven record in doing the right thing.  It’s in his good-heated nature.
With Pastor and Johnson attempting to use their daddy’s name, Head who isn’t bringing anything new to the table, and a slew of other less-interesting opponents,  it’s clear who stands apart for the race for Phoenix City Council and that man is David Lujan.

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