Recall Now or Never

This past week, I joined two fantastic folks to file recall paperwork against Representative John Kavanagh. 

Since filing, Representative Kavanagh – along with a slew of other political blogs – has questioned our timing of deciding to recall Kavanagh now. The Arizona Republic even said: “The earliest a recall election could be staged is March 2014; the GOP primary for the Legislature is in August. Although term limited in the House, Kavanagh is eying a state Senate seat.”
Besides the fact that John Kavanagh is the worst kind of politician and besides the fact that the so-called bathroom bill – which was passed last night in the Arizona House Appropriations Committee – is just another political ploy done by him, acting as Cathi Herrod’s (the lady in charge of the Center for Arizona Policy) puppet, we decided that now was the best time to recall him for one reason: we can win.
The fact of the matter is yes, with the timing, it may seem odd, but it’s not. We aren’t dumb. Truth is, the weaker we can make him, the better off we are.
As he eyes a Senate seat, we want him to now have to spend his money and his time attempting to defeat a recall. He ran unopposed in 2012, that’s pretty abysmal as far as I am concerned and it’s because Republicans – who didn’t challenge him in his primary – and Democrats – who didn’t challenge him at all, think (incorrectly) that Kavanagh is too strong in his own district. He isn’t. 
Additionally, Cathi Herrod with the Center for Arizona policy, the most conservative lobbyist organization in Arizona (who continuously makes this state look like the national laughing stock) is now under attack. According to rumors (though it hasn’t hit the presses yet) they are facing some tax issues. That’s a big deal. It will make them a little less likely to fund Kavanagh as they have in the past, and it takes their time and attention away from this recall effort.
Now that Kavanagh is about to be recalled, is now known nationally, and his biggest backer is going to be at least distracted, he is no longer as strong as one might think. The more money he has to spend now, is the less he can spend later, and that means we can finally get him out. Our goal is to make him loose his primary because he lost a recall.
And we are about to do it. (But we need your help.)
Representative Kavanagh is the worst kind of politician, and its time that we finally raise the bar in Arizona politics and force a recall against him. Its now or never.  

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