These Signs Shouldn’t Matter (Or Why Cathi Herrod Should Get Out of My Bathroom)

A few weeks ago, the Phoenix City Council voted 5-3 in favor of a so-called bathroom bill. This Cathi-Herrod-titled-bathroom-bill allows those transitioning the ability to use whichever bathroom they feel is appropriate, regardless of what it says on their birth certificate. By voting in favor of the bill, the city council decided to stay out of our bathrooms.
The passage of this ordinance came after hours and hours of silly debate, where members of the community spoke about how it would affect them. Being somewhat more liberal leaning, the City Council pissed off one lady in particular when they passed this bill: Cathi Herrod.
Now, we have written about Cathi Herrod before. In fact, we called her public enemy number one in the past. She is in charge of the most conservative lobbyist group in Arizona called the Center for Arizona Policy. She is personally responsible for their agenda, and is the reason why same-sex marriage is banned in the Arizona Constitution, and why SB1070 — the anti-immigration bill — came to be. Frankly, we think she is the anti-Christ, mostly because she is the one behind every bad thing that comes out of Arizona. She opposed the so-called bathroom bill with the Phoenix City Council, because it gave rights transgender folks. And she hates equality.
But because the Phoenix City Council supported this measure, and it passed, despite her insane efforts, Cathi has decided to one-up-them. She has gone to the Arizona State Legislature where she is mostly the puppet-master. She is good friends with Governor Jan Brewer, and is basically the one behind ever super-conservative law maker.
In a new bill, titled SB1432, (well technically it’s an old bill where Cathi had everything removed and then rewritten under the same senate bill number) the Arizona State Legislature is now considering adopting a new law which would require one to show their birth certificate in bathrooms.
Now I know a few people transitioning. One of my friends, who is going from female to male and looks more like a guy than I do. However his birth certificate still says that he is a female. Frankly, I cannot understand why a woman like Cathi would want him in the same bathroom as her. But apparently she does. 
I think it’s time that Cathi Herrod, and the State Legislature get the hell out of our bathrooms, because it’s bad enough with you in our bedroom.

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