With Nothing to Prove, Paulina Vo Releases New EP

Paulina Vo is a musician who has nothing to prove to anyone. 
Today, Ms. Vo has released her third collection of music. This time is her EP with six new and professionally recorded songs titled “Falling for the Chase.”
In it, she finds a mellow side of herself, touting her guitar and ukulele, and more importantly demonstrating exactly how talented her voice is. This is her first collection of music she has released since leaving her Arizona roots, and traveling to the east coast, to Brooklyn, New York, where she now calls home. And it shows.
Unlike her more pop-sounding first album, titled “The Stranger With Greensleeves,” where songs like “The Ballad of Sophie and Pierrre” and “Miss Vo (Cool Enough)” got some help from beat-masters and rappers and make you want to dance or sing along, this new collection is a much slower, more powerful statement of what kind of musician Ms. Vo is.   
Falling for the Chase focuses on her mad guitar skills and incredibly powerful voice, not what can be done in a studio with a talented young lady.  
The first single off the EP is titled “Throwing My Heart Out” – and it begins with soft humming by Ms. Vo, followed by what sounds like a complicated guitar routine, and then her soft voice comes in to provide lyrics like: “I am throwing my heart out, where I can go that’s worth forgetting.  I know I said it before, but patience wears thin and I can’t keep losing.” She doesn’t sound angry when singing, but more matter-of-factually or even hurt. It might the softness of her vocals, or the complexity of the guitar, but either way there is a feeling there that cannot be easily pinpointed. It is as if she has found herself in Brooklyn and is finally laying it down on in the studio.
The feeling she uses on this EP is a huge step forward from her last album, titled “Just Like Clockwork” where it wasn’t so much pop like her first album, but was her singing about happier times. If you’re looking for a follow-up to Clockwork, keep looking, because this EP is no rainbow and butterflies.
Not with songs like “Zombie” where she flat out states:  “I can’t help but think how happy I’ve been without you” and then says, “you have no pumping heart” –it’s clear Ms. Vo has been hurt before and used this EP as means to vocalize that pain.
And we couldn’t be luckier, because frankly, “Falling for the Chase” is pretty damn good. Ms. Vo has a knack for putting a melody to things we have all felt, or are feeling, and obviously has fun doing it.
With each collection of music Ms. Vo puts out, she demonstrates how talented she is. From being able to make pop music, to making more happy music (one of our favorite songs by her is titled “Vanilla Extract” from her Clockwork album) to making this mellow EP, she is a diverse and incredibly talented lady, who has nothing to prove to anyone.   
Also be sure to check out
 “The Stranger With Greensleeves” and “Just Like Clockwork” on iTunes.  

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