This Is Love (Or Why I Need A Mini Pig In My Life)

My coworkers haven’t had the pleasure of knowing me for very long. As I slowly get acquainted with them, I have found that one of them has a deep love for cute things. By this I mean, she finds things in the world that are small and cute, and because of her awesome nature to share them with me (it always brightens my day) I have now fallen in the love with what I want my next pet to be: a mini macro pig.
Like the regular sized pigs that you later to turn into bacon, these mini pigs are smart, but unlike their big sisters and brothers, they are made to stay smallish, and people are apparently buying them as pets. 
There is a site set up online for those who fall instantly in love like I have. The site enables you to purchase these mini pigs, learn more about them, and look at the cute pictures of them.
I have been growing restless. Because while I love my roommates miniature Dachshund (what is it about these mini things that I fall in love with so easily?) I have realized I am not going to live here forever, and I am starting to have emotional issues associated with falling in love with my roommates pets and then having to leave them behind. 
I am also terrified of living alone, even if that seems like the best move I can make in my current juncture in my life. I intend on doing it as soon as I am able, and my social self doesn’t think it’s a great idea, but my adult self thinks its time that I start considering being an adult and learning how to stand on my own two feet. I feel read.
Truth of matter is that I can honestly say in at least one, if not two or three cases, I miss my roommate’s pet more than I miss my actual roommate. Obviously I get around when it comes to roommates and their pets. I just love animals, especially dogs and now these mini pigs so much.
Now these mini pigs are not cheap, costing over a grand, and there are only so many more shopping days until my birthday. But I am going to keep a close eye on them. They are small, sweet and I can imagine myself snuggling up with them. 
Lord knows I have snuggled up with pigs plenty of times before, and they haven’t been as cute. I may have even said I loved one or two of them in my day. But nothing can compare to the love I feel for these mini pigs. They are just so damn cute. This is love. True love.

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