Tweets from the State of the Union

We live tweeted the State of the Union, here is our recap. 

6:05  The Speaker and the Vice President look really bored waiting for the cabinet to walk in. #sotu
6:10 The First Lady is looking lovely as always. #sotu
6:11 Glad to see Gabby Giffords where she belongs, with the Arizona Delegation . #sotu

6:16 #JFK opening, is a strong start.
6:17 “Our brave men and women in uniform are coming home” — Obama. It’s about time! #sotu
6:19 Pretty sure Obama has used the line “the state of our union is strong” before. #sotu
6:20 “Or who you love” — mentioning gays without mentioning them, very classy Obama! #sotu
6:24 “A balanced approach” — nice one Mr. President #sotu
6:26 “We must keep the promises we’ve already made” -Obama #sotu
6:29 OBAMA: The greatest nation on earth cannot continue business by drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. #sotu
6:31 Obama: “Nothing I am proposing tonight will add a cent to our deficit.” #sotu
6:34 Obama is right; we must do more to combat climate change. #sotu
6:4 Obama’s legacy will be “take a vote, and send me that bill.” #sotu
6:45 Where’s @RepSinema? I am watching this to see her. #sotu
6:47 Obama: The time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform. #sotu
6:50 The President urges the House to pass the Women’s Against Violence Act and the Women’s Paycheck Act. BFD. #sotu
6:51 The President also demands we raise the Federal minimum wage. Won’t that just increase inflation too? #sotu
6:52 Tying the minimum wage to the cost of living. Brilliant Obama and Romney! #sotu
6:53 What makes a man is not the ability to make a baby, but raise one! Well said Mr. President. #sotu
6:55 OBAMA: By the end of the next year our war in Afghanistan will be over. #sotu
6:57 I like Joe #Bidens tie. #sotu
7:12 President Obama taking on gun control with force. #sotu
7:15 @kyrstensinema looking good in green! #sotu @RepSinema 

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