Ellen Inspires: Kindness Week Challenge

It’s day two of Ellen’s Kindness Week Challenge. And today she challenges us to post something on Facebook about someone who inspires. 
Despite the “Notes” feature on Facebook, we feel like we have too much to say about the person who inspires us, so we decided to blog about it. This blogpost will most certainly make its way to Facebook, and we encourage you to goand like our Facebook page if you’re reading this.
Born only twenty-nine* short years ago, Ellen Degeneres inspires us for about a few dozen reasons.
She came out when our society wasn’t ready to, and instead of letting our society tear apart (though we did) she made them laugh. She went off air for awhile, and came back, married, funny, and danced our her way into our hearts.
Ellen was led the movement to coming and living out, but she did it in a way that was before unheard of. She made it funny.
And it is.
She inspires us every day by reminding us that laughter is the best medicine. When Senator John McCain, our senior Senator from our home right here in Arizona, was on her show, she asked him about same-sex marriage. He said he didn’t agree with it. She said she did. Then she said, “I guess I won’t ask you to walk me down the aisle.”
It was an uncomfortable situation, for all of us, and we didn’t want to watch our Senator continue to falter on issues he is too old to understand. Instead of attacking him, Ellen made him laugh.
And she got a laugh out of us too.
Ellen’s Kindness Week challenges illustrate that she is indeed our hero, and we thank her for all she has, does, and will continue to do. Keep making us laugh, because laughter is the best cure.   

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