[Guest Post] A Skinny Girl’s Perspective

I see a lot of people on Tumblr that want to be skinny. There are blogs promoting anorexia and there are blogs promoting healthy living. There are blogs that share people’s secrets and so many people are trying to get thin. You guys want perfectly flat stomachs and gaps between your thighs.
I’m here to tell you about the flip side. I’m here to tell you about the people, like me, that are thin no matter what. I have everything you want, except, perhaps, height and long hair. I’ve been trying to gain weight for years now. I’ve been stuck in the 80-85 pound range for 3 or more years. I’ve done everything. I’ve been on diets to help me gain weight. I’ve exercised. I’ve eaten junk food like crazy. I’ve done so much and I just can’t gain weight. 
I get called anorexic constantly. People call me “bitch” because they want to eat whatever they can and stay thin like me. People expect me to be a model. I can never find jeans to fit into. For a society that promotes skinniness, we don’t make clothes for skinny people and that’s that. I just…you guys want to be like me, but I swear, it’s not as wonderful as it seems. 
I’m not saying don’t try to lose weight. If it is unhealthy for your height, etc, absolutely, try to get into a good weight range. But don’t strive to be stick thin. It’s not beautiful. You don’t know how many times I’ve looked in the mirror and wished I had more curves. I wish I had cleavage to speak of. I wish I could wear jeans other than skinny jeans to have a semblance of an ass. I’m jealous of my best friend and she doesn’t understand why. Our society really sucks, I’m sad to say.
I wish everyone could see that we are all more than a number. No matter what, no one will really be happy with their body. But, just understand that starving yourself, working out like crazy, throwing up, etc, is not worth it. Being healthy is. 
But that’s just a skinny girl’s perspective.
Guest post by Anisha Hindocha. See more by Anisha on her site.

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