Top Five [2012]

We might be a little late to the game, but we certainly wanted to highlight the Top Five of 2012 for [iREADray] — you might be surprised that what y‘all are reading.

I Am Adam Lanza DECEMBER 18

After the horrible incident that occurred in Newton, Connecticut, there were two online editorials we were not particularly pleased with. First, was the one titled “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” – it was from a woman, who was not really Lanza’s mother, but rather she talks about what it’s like being the mother of a mentally ill person. It was later reported that Lanza portrayed few behavioral problems, as the author illustrated. But not to the extend to which the so-called mother of Lanza experienced with her child. Next came a letter from his therapist. It was just as misspoken, at best, and didn’t address the clear issue that Lanza never had a therapist, at least one he went to regularly. Although neither of them really could describe the experience that Lanza — or those around him experenced, they did something, that was, as a writer, fun and terrifying (and even more scary easy) for us to do in this post told from the mindset of someone who was mentally ill. We have been called mentally ill ourselves and felt that too often the story of Lanza is lost.

Even though the post came out just a few weeks ago, it surpassed anything our little blog imagined. It surpassed anything we have ever written. We specificaly enjoyed most of the emails we got in response to it. Some of favorites said we: “sound like a mentally ill person” and “you should have been at the school.” Our best read, and most hated blog to date. We call that a win.

Boobs MARCH 12
In this piece we say fuck you to ex we hated when announced our Tumblr account, called boobsmyXwoodluv. It was a well-done fuck you to the Joker, who, well, loved boobs. Enormous ones. Apparently he wasn’t the only person, as this Tumblr account took off, we really must thank the Joker for this one, and hope someday while jacking off he stumbles upon this. Now bring on the boobs. And we mean boobs.

Since 2010, our election guide has come out to provide some straight forward, honest thoughts on those running for office, and on the countless ballot issues Arizona decides to throw to at voters. This year, our election guide made some news, when Congressional-candidate Richard Grayson posted our guide on his blog (we will ignore the breach of copyright he preformed). We took bold stands, endorsing a mix of Republicans and Democrats, and where the choices were so bad, we took an even bolder stands, and issued our infamous “Vote of No Confidence.” Like most liberals in here in the Grand Canyon state, we had a mix between winning some, loosing most. With that said, we were pretty spot on in terms of who we endorsed and who was sent to Congress. We’re proud of that fact.
For this piece, we caught up with one of our guest bloggers, Mr. Aaron Powell to discuss his new book “Dating: It’s Not Complicated.” In it he talks about what we can do to be better daters, and basically takes all of the bullshit we come up with to stop us from dating and teaches us how to, well, date. Its a good book and great interview and we’re proud that our good friend Aaron could join us for it. Since then, he has come out with another book, and we interviewed him for it. 
Though we endorsed Kyrsten Sinema for Congress in January, we decided to go further into explaining why we backed Kyrsten, and especially Kyrsten over the other candidates. It was a tough primary and we wanted this to make clear why Kyrsten was better than the rest. Congresswoman elect, Sinema, ever tweeted this on primrary day. Funny story surrounding this: One of the men we did not endorse in this piece gave us the cold shoulder come election night. Sore loser we say. And guess what, we won. 

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