An Interview With the Author of “How to Get What You Want Out of Life”

Today we welcome back Aaron Powell to the iREADray hot seat. Aaron is the author of a new book about getting what you want out of life. We like this title, and enjoy the concept of the book. 
Welcome Aaron! So, the last time you were here, we talked about your last book, titled “Dating: It’s Not Complicated” in it you discuss how simple it is, or at least should be, to date. You have stepped away, somewhat, from writing dating manuals for men, in this new book, titled “How to Get What You Want Out of Life.

Tell us about it.
Well it’s pretty much just that, the title itself. It’s a very short book outlining how to get everything that you want out of life. All killer, no filler. The idea came to me when someone asked me why I was always so upbeat about everything and they weren’t satisfied with my answer of “don’t sweat the small stuff” so I decided to write a blog about it, then that blog turned into something bigger, hence the book itself.
We hear it’s only forty pages, why the hell is it so short?
Here’s why it is so short: the main inspiration for me to [write this was to] turn what was going to be a simple blog entry into a book. It came from a quote by Stephen Fry who said, and I’m paraphrasing, “I thought about publishing a book called How to be Happy and it would be one page that said “Be Happy” and 900 blank pages after that”. When I saw that quote I knew what I wanted to do and I knew I wanted to keep it short because being happy is simple and a large book would just be a waste of trees so I just decided to get to the point.
Your last book was written for men, as we said. Who is this one written for, and why?
This one is for everybody, especially those who need a fire set up their ass to get up and do everything that they want to do. I hate when people make excuses for doing things, just do it and you may have a great time. You never hear people who have great stories say “man I wish I would’ve done that”
What are three things folks will learn by reading this?
1. How to set realistic goals.
2. That it’s okay to fail as long as you learn how to succeed or make a better plan.
3. That you have to choose to be happy if you’re planning to be happy.
To keep to the brevity of your book, we’ll keep this interview short too. Any last thoughts or comments?
It’s a great book, I’m not saying this because I wrote it and I want everyone to get it, I’m saying it because everything I wrote in those 40 pages came straight from my soul and I wouldn’t put it out if I didn’t believe in it. It includes some very personal stories about me and my journey to being happy and it will definitely get anyone who reads it on the right path to being happy. Get yours now. Not now, but right now.
Thanks so much for joining us. We are excited for you, and particularly happy about this new one. Looking forward to having you guest post on our blog soon, and hey, now that we have finally met, let’s chill again soon. You have some mad karaoke skills.
Thanks a lot man and yes, now that you’re back in Arizona we definitely have to hang out again and karaoke and get sushi and just have a good time. I’m always happy to be here on your site and you are more than welcome to come write for mine.

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