Our Kids Need Us

One of my dear teacher friends posted “we try to teach our kids there are no monsters” on Facebook, after the horrible incident that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. He has a point, and as a teacher, I feel like he has a unique prospective on how difficult it must be to give our children the excitement, and courage it takes in order to enter this world.
We can try our best to keep violence out of schools. We try to tackle issues like bullying, by launching campaigns like the one put together by Dan Savage, where we tell kids it gets better. We attempt to put restrictions on violent movies by putting ratings on them.
But after what happened, it feels like all that might be in vain.
We as a nation have failed our kids. We let this incident happen. As we let each and every shooting happen before. I could go into what needs to happen in terms of gun control. Or I could go into how our mental health services have failed our nation. I have experienced it firsthand.
But I have said it all before.
Instead, I decided to take some personal action, and am proud to say that today I officially signed up to tutor kids at Q High. Q High had a great write up in the Arizona Republic a few weeks ago, but basically it’s an interactive school, that provides a safe, supportive learning setting for students in grades nine through twelve.
Certainly, we need to rethink our gun policies, and need to fix our broken mental healthcare system. However, that is a political issue, and when it comes to our nations kids, politics need not be involved. Instead, we should give back, and do all we can to teach kids there are no monsters. It takes a village to raise a child, and right now – more than ever – our kids need us.

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