Bad Listener: Why the GOP is Pushing Us Over the Fiscal Cliff

One of the first things I learned in Speech and Debate was to listen. Yes, we were learning how to publicly speak, and preform in front of others, but if we did not hear the prompt in our public speaking competitions, or the questions in our competitive debates, we did not answer properly, and in turn lost.
The Speaker of the House needs a lesson my Speech and Debate coach from high school taught. He needs to learn to listen.
I say this because according to an article by CNN, Speaker of the House John Boehner is “flabbergasted” (his word, not mine or CNN’s) over talks regarding the fiscal cliff deal.
He says that the White House is frustrating him and his GOP crooks because they are demanding that the taxes be raised on the richest folks in the United States. Has he not been listening for the past two years, where the President and House and Senate Democrats have been calling fora small increase on taxes by the richest folks in America? 
Because they have been saying over and over again that the rates for the most well off people in the United States needs to increase. This is not some surprise, or monkey wrench the Democrats are throwing in last minute. This is a reality that a majority of Americans find is necessary in order to balance our budget, and dig us out of this economic mess that the GOP created. 
By now all of you have certainly heard of the fiscal cliff. I know I have grown sick of hearing about the disastrous cuts that the Congress and White House agreed to if they cannot work out a deal. As John Stewart put it, it is a devastating asteroid that would send us into another recession. One that we sent sky rocketing at us. 
The GOP needs to shut up and accept these rate increases, before they send all of this country into peril to protect their richest donors. And while they are shutting up, maybe they will have a chance to listen for once too. 

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