A Day In the Park

A little over a year ago, when I first started my adventure to get out of Arizona, I met with my wonderful musician friend Ms. Paulina Vo, and we had a conversation about New Yorkers and their stranger fascinations with parks. We noted that those folks fight for their parks, in ways us Arizonians simply do not understand.
While they are attempting to rebuild them, we simply do not use our public spaces. Ones we pay for, through taxes and fees.
Well that is about to change.
Thanks to this awesome event called “A Day In the Park” folks in Arizona are being encouraged to head to their parks on Saturday Dec. 8th, “to build community and culture through the use of public space.”
Parks are free, fun places.
And the weather is generally great, year-round for fun outdoors here in the Grand Canyon State.
Considering that, I am looking forward to heading out to the Margaret T. Hance Park on this upcoming Saturday afternoon to do what we all really need to do, enjoy our spaces.
From parks in your neighborhoods, to those in your community, to even state-wide ones, these public spaces are awesome. And as the First Lady continues with her “Let’s Move” campaign, it only makes sense to get out and about, and active.

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