Super PACS

Working on the Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign for Congress, has given me insight to just how awful SuperPACs really are. 
Currently, outside interest groups are spending millions, and I mean millions, to try to defeat her. Here is a chart I received yesterday that looks into how much is really being spent, and by who:

spending chart

That is a whole lot of money.
And this money is coming not coming from the community. It’s not coming from folks like you and me. It’s not coming in small donations. It’s coming from outside folks, who do not care about the community — but rather about their majority. People like John Boehner, who, as you can see, from the chart above, donated over 600,000 dollars to attack Kyrsten. Let’s face it, the Speaker of the House just wants to maintain his Republican majority. A majority who hasn’t gotten anything done.
It’s really just sad, because these high dollar attack ads are working.
And that’s why we need your money. 
Because Kyrsten’s plan to protect women, pass a balance budget, help veterans, and just get back to common-sense politics is critical and something we here in Arizona should be sending to Congress.

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