The Romney’s & Bullying: Like Father, Like Son

For gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender folks everywhere, today is spirit day. On this day, we are supposed to wear purple and remind ourselves that it is up to us, all of us, to stop anti-LGBT rhetoric, which will in turn lead to bullying (which in turn leads to more LGBT youth committing suicide).
Today is all about anti-bullying.
So it should come as no surprise, to progressive minded folks at least, that Governor Romney’s son Tagg is a big bully.
NY Daily News reports that while watching the Presidential debate on Tuesday, Tagg, Romney’s oldest son, said he wanted to “rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at [the President].”
Now, do not get me wrong, I understand the want to protect your father. Lord knows that I am definitely a daddy’s boy. But to go as far as saying you want to assault the President of the United States seems a bit extreme.
And it speaks volumes to what kind of upbringing the former Governor of Massachusetts provides for his kids. Rather than want to talk with a person about their differences, the Romney’s teach folks to beat them.
This sort of anger is not something I want in the White House.
Tagg later went on to say, about his father running for President: “You’ve got to have thick skin so you don’t flip out and do something you’re going to regret later.”
Sounds like anger problems indeed.
It should not come as any surprise that Tagg said this. His father is, after all, a big bully himself. According to the New York Times, Governor Romney was a bully the school yard, and went as far as tormenting a gay student, says the New Yorker, to the point where Governor Romney and his gang held down their gay peer and cut off his hair.
Disturbing is what I like to call it.
If your own kids are threatening to assault the President, and you, yourself have a history of attacking people who are different from you, I have to wonder what sort of President you will be. When it comes to diplomatic relations are you going to be cool and collected and not start a third World War, or will you go into fight mode and launch premature nuclear weapons?
I am thinking the later.
Because extremes, anger, and bullying is obviously the real Romney family legacy.

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