[Guest Post] A Body Hater Talks About "Love Your Body Day"

I am considered an avid “body hater”. This is why my dedication to “Love Your Body Day” is an interesting endeavor. I have supported this day for the last six years during my undergraduate years and postgraduate studies. Sadly, it’s a day I dread. It is a day that I must admit that my body is fine and people will love me for exactly the way I am.
The other 364 days of the year, I constantly have an internal monologue about how nothing in life is going right because I’m not a size two.
Societies obsession with thinness was instilled in me from day one as a female. From Barbies to the skimpily clad Spice Girls, to Britney Spears, I knew the key to success was my ability to look beautiful and thin. But I learned quickly that my potential to voice my hatred for my body was trite and time worn. Friends became annoyed with telling me how thin and beautiful I was when a phrase such as, “I’m so fat” was uttered out of my mouth. So I turned within, keeping quiet of my body loathing.
For me, I was in fact dramatically tiny for most of my life. Up until college, I was incredibly small or underweight. Also into sports and athletic hobbies, I stayed what my mother referred to as “a kidnap victim waiting to happen.” This body hatred was completely mental. Where does this stem?
“You’re a cow! You’re stupid and ugly! You will die alone! No one will love you at this size!” Are these statements from an abusive boyfriend? Online bullying? No, this is from female’s minds. We say these things to ourselves multiple times a day. And I’m not alone. Glamour Magazine’s recent poll states that women have these thoughts up to 13 times a day. Not 13 times a year, not a month, but daily. I can show you very few friends of mine who have not had some form of an eating disorder. Unattainable beauty goals, usually assisted with Photoshop, is destroying our young women. As you can see by me, this does not dissipate with age. Fad diets are turning out at an alarming rate. And people are not getting smaller, we are getting bigger. The unattainable goals have almost had an opposite effect on many American women. We have become an nation of extremes. Extremely underweight or dangerously obese.
So who’s to blame and how can this we fix this? Younger and younger ladies, age 7, are being
admitting into hospitals and clinics. How can society fix this?
This will not be solved in one blog or in one day. But for today at least, I urge you to put the self-hatred
aside and just enjoy your body.

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