#winning: a story about coffee cups

I thought for sure that it was because I lived in a swing state.
I thought, certainly, that this was the outcome of hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on advertising and air time, all for my vote. The attack ads, the distortions, the Super Pacs… I told myself this, while I filled my coffee cup up with my morning Joe (okay, it might have been closer to two in the afternoon) at 7-11, it was blue and had “Obama” written in white letters across it.
But apparently this is not just a Virginia thing, and folks outside of my little bubble are able to participate as well.
Here is the low-down: You pick out which cup you want to use to drink your java out of, you have two options: 1) red, with Romney’s name, and 2) blue, with Obama’s name.
They then count the cups. It’s like a presidential race, in coffee, instead of votes.
Though I do support the notion of getting folks political involved, this entire idea is bothersome to me. Maybe there’s a point I am missing, but when I get my cup of coffee, I do not need to make a political statement. I am neither anti-gay, nor eating chicken.
This convenience store chain, does not need to make politics seem so damn convenient. It’s not. Voting is an inconvenient process that takes time, willingness, and dedication. One, I think it is worth it. Freedom is not and shouldn’t be easy.
All of that being said, the most annoying thing, I think, is that you do not want to stop in, grab a cup of coffee, and find yourself sporting a political message for people to see. We do not need to be so divisive in our every day lives, we see enough of it on television, street corners, in the news, and in every newspaper and blog, this one included.
When I went to 7-11, I did not see any of the cups besides these political ones. You had no choice, you had to decide, there and then, while getting some coffee.
It is just a cup of coffee, it has no real bearing on the political process, and only works to antagonize an already stressful situation. Because behind each of these candidates names are ideas on how we can fix this country. And very different ideas. This election is pretty serious, and cannot be counted in cups of coffee.
Or can it? This is the third election that 7-11 has been doing this. Apparently each time, they have accurately predicted the outcome of the election. And right now,President Obama is very much ahead.

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