Voter Dodgeball: A Republican Story

Maybe some of the Republicans in Arizona have given up. Or maybe they have an unsound political plan that includes them not meeting with voters, because lately, it appears a couple of Arizona candidates have been doing all they can to dodge them. That is until the can’t any more.
For instance, the first poll that showed Jeff Flake and Rich Carmona basically tied in their race for Senate, came out at the end of July. Before that Flake had a sixteen point lead over Carmona. Interestingly enough, Flake didn’t start making public appearance until late August. Senate candidate Flake wouldn’t attend voter forums, or debates, until his poll numbers start dipping below his opponent’s. He was, more or less, forced to meet with voters.
Meanwhile, in Arizona’s 9thCongressional District, the case might be different. Kyrsten Sinema has been ahead of the tea-party candidate Vernon Parker, for awhile now. He will most likely (fingers crossed) lose. So, it should come as no surprise that he still will not attend debates, or voter forums. He blows off his voters, and some are noticing.
People like Chase Williams, who is focused with pretty intense focus on getting Parker to meet with voters. Williams is most certainly driving a horn in the side of the Parker campaign because he has decided to use social media to put pressure on Parker to meet with voters.
“I’m working hard to keep the pressure up on Vernon [Parker]. I’ve created a Tumblr, and also have a Facebook page called: ‘Vernon Parker, Why Are You Hiding From CD-9 Voters?’ We’re hoping he finally caves in,” he said in an email.
According to Williams: “Multiple news outlets asked both Parker and Sinema to participate in a series of debates. He has only agreed to one, even though he originally sent out a press release agreeing to more and then retracted it. The one he agreed to is PBS, but we all know that no one really watches PBS. He refuses to do any public forums.”
Like any good politician knows, it’s about meeting and talking with voters that gets you elected, not focusing on the extremists who are the outliers of your party.
“Our basic narrative is that Vernon has time to pander to the GOP on radio shows and at fundraisers, but he can’t even find time for CD-9 voters. He doesn’t live in CD-9, his campaign headquarters is not in CD-9 – and at the AZ Republic endorsement interview this week, he even said that he thought there was only one hospital in CD-9. He doesn’t know the district and he’s hiding from voters. It’s a real shame.”
Indeed it is.

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