An Interview With Our Favorite Lady

Miss Kaytlyn Sanders! Welcome to the iREADray hot seat, where we ask you inappropriate questions, and pick at you until you can’t take it anymore. Or not. Either way, welcome. So, folks probably do not know how much I enjoy your blog, StrugLife . But really it’s the only blog I religiously follow. 
Could you tell us a little more about that?
It’s basically a dramatic re-telling of all of my love life fiasco’s from the past four years. I collapsed on one of my best friend’s couches a few months back, venting about yet another epic fail, and between wiping tears of laughter off of her face and getting me another beer, she said, “You have got to write a book or something. This shit is just too good.”
So, I started the blog as a way to see if I even could writeabout the experiences in a clever or remotely interesting way and glassesif there was any interest out there.
And I’ve been happily surprised with the response I get from my other readers. Although, I gotta admit, my best friends are still my favorite audience. They call me with edits, “Don’t you remember that he called you his ex’s name and that he sprayed the cat down with that nasty lavender Fabreeze?”
Ha, excellent. Well, I am sure glad you started it. So, tell us one thing about dating that makes you tick.
The lack of actual dates. I feel like with modern romance consisting of tons of hang outs, text messaging and Facebook stalking but people don’t go out on as many actual dates as they should. I don’t want to come over and watch a movie at 2:17 AM, mofo. I want to go out to dinner. I know what you’re doing, I know what you want and I do not want to watch ‘Across the Universe’ for the millionth time while you show me your extensive bong collection and try to see how open I would be to casual sex. No… just no. Side-note: I just thought of someone else to write about.
Oh? Sounds interesting, but we will save that for your blog. How long have you been single, Sanders?
I’ve been single over the course of the four years so I don’t really write about ex-boyfriends, but all of the other little blips and as I like to call them ‘ex-almosts’ get posted up for everyone to read about.
Lord knows I write about my ex-boyfriends. But then, I really hate all of them and am all about using them as means to make a career for myself. Why don’t you write about ex-boyfriends?
Partly out of respect to my ex-boyfriends, because remarkably, I am still friends with some of them and mainly because I’m not sure how to write those stories in a light and funny way. The subject matter would be a little bit too heavy for the rest of the blog’s content and no one wants to read the whiny parts about me eating my body weight in Chinese takeout and cussing at all the TLC wedding shows for three weeks straight.
Have any of the boys you’ve written about read your posts? Or commented after seeing something you’ve written?
When I first posted on Facebook that I was thinking about writing the blog, I got three text messages from separate guys and one impolite voice-mail. But at the end of the day, none of what I write is meant to be hurtful, I don’t include real names and if they hadn’t been such ass clowns, I wouldn’t have any material. I did get a Facebook message recently from one apologizing for how he acted so I suppose that’s something. But for me, it’s not about the apologies. It’s nice to look back and laugh at some of the experiences that used to make me cringe. Live, learn and write about the shit that used to make you cry.
I could not agree more. I might know this, but my readers, and potential dates, err… hell who I am kidding, my entire readership is gay or female, so just tell me for clarification purposes, what kind of guys you like?
Tall, dark and emotionally unavailable. Just kidding. I don’t really feel like I have much of a type but ideally, I would like someone who is cute, can make me laugh, values intelligence, is open-minded and is driven. But considering I’m running like 98% of the people I’ve dated having felonies, I’m starting with basics like no felonies, no drug addictions, no wives, no babies. It’s the little things.
So, when are we going to go boy shopping together?

[laughs] Soon! Just as long as you come up here, because I’ve exhausted the douche canoe pool in Arizona. Walking into a Los Favoritos down there is like an open invitation to run into someone I’ve made out with or someone who I almost made out with before coming to my senses and running out of said house party. Epiphany: all of my ex-almosts really like burritos. But soon! I miss your sweet little face.
I miss you too Sanders. Thanks so much for being here. 
Y’all should check out Kaytlyn Sanders’ blog StrugLife and love it as much as I do.

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